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Comment What about Ireland (Score 1) 502

Excuse me but doesn't Ireland get a say in the matter? The warrant being served involves something physically located on a foreign shore, or is it this administrations thinking it can do whatever it wants with another country like it has to it's own citizens. Ireland ought to tell Obama to kiss their shillelagh, that they have jurisdiction in this matter and if you want something you need to request it through diplomatic channels.

Comment We are the victims here (Score 1) 200

Hey Comcast, Time Warner and others nice try attempting to show yourselves as the victims here. You guys will stoop to any twisting of the truth you think you can get away with. You are right about one thing screw around with the flow of data and all of your customers will unite and make your miserable lives worse. Why is it that American ISPs hate their customers and try to screw them every chance they get?

Comment The cops should be fired, charged, and jailed. (Score 4, Insightful) 310

Filing a false report is a very serious charge as a civilian -- it should be even worse when a couple of cops do it. Lets take a look at this, false arrest, filing false reports, just generally conduct unbecoming, big payout to those falsely arrested.My hat is off to those folks over at the FAA. We can count on the FAA to be honorable and straight shooting, about the only Federal Agency that still cares about doing their job right.

Comment I'll bet this won't fly in the EU (Score 1) 355

I'll bet appliances with advertising won't pass muster with the European Union, but for some reason known only to Allah our government won't see anything wrong with it. I guess that's because our legislators are all so freaking corrupt and figure it will be another way to line their pockets.

Comment Please stop the madness with advertising (Score 1) 355

And I envision a time when it will be necessary to have a 'Do Not Advertise' registry with the government to protect us from assholes like you Google. I'm with the rest of them go ahead Google put your freaking ads all over our house -- I freaking dare you to. I'll abandon everything about your company, as a matter of fact since that comment to the SEC pissed me off so much I'm going to delete Chrome right after I finish this tirade. I encourage everybody else to do the same as a show of solidarity. Screw Chrome

Comment Re:Glimmer of hope, squashed (Score 2) 284

You are absolutely right, there is no such thing as a good politician of any party, only evil and more evil, it is all about them, they can say what they want about protecting America from terror but we all know that it is a bunch of BS. Obama is one of the worst presidents this nation has ever had - he never stops lying, makes me wonder how this nation ever put a schmuck with absolutely no experience into the highest office in the land. I hope everyone who voted for him is happy with your choice.

Comment Re:Sure we could. (Score 1) 272

I'll tell you what wicked is -- wicked is the former Soviet Union with the Iron Curtain and it's secret police and gulags, and people disappearing during the middle of the night. Putin was part of the secret police (KGB) in former East Germany and Russia and I believe he would like nothing better than to bring back the former Soviet Union. If we could be selective with a good old American Crowd Pleaser and take out the folks that would like nothing better than to recreate the 'Glory Days' of the former Soviet Union then I am all for it. I have nothing against the citizens of Russia and would never want to see them hurt, their government did things to them that we Westerners can't even fathom, so anyone remotely attracted to the old Soviet ways is more wicked than you can probably even imagine. Whose government is directing the flyovers of Russian bombers into UK and other countries air space once again. The quicker the world is through with individuals like Putin and Rogozin the better we will all be.

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