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Comment Re:Batch (Score 3, Informative) 318

i ditched the columns for my example :)
but i don't mind the column-specific syntax.
in fact, i really like it

but IBM introduced free format RPG some time ago
you can start a free block wich /free and end it with /end-free
but they did a sloppy job on the implementation
the definitions in the program header and some operations still have to be done in fixed format

Comment Re:Batch (Score 5, Informative) 318

ok, this doesn't bring us any further, but do you really think, that moving something in a right justified variable is the solution?

this doesn't only need another variable, but if your source value has trailing spaces you will need a ridiculously long INSPECT line and an index variable for a substring.
since cobol is dumb, you will further need an INITIALIZE for both variables.

01 var1 PIC X(50)
01 var2 PIC X(50) justified right
01 sub PIC 9(2)
initialize var1 var2 sub
move "test " to var1
initialize var1 tallying sub for trailing space
if sub = 0
move var1 to var2
move var1(1:sub) to var2

d var1 s 50a
d var2 s 50a
c eval var1='test '
c evalr var2=%trim(var1)

seems way more convinient :)
even tough RPG is ill-reputed as an old static programming language this looks somehow like any other high level language and anyone should understand what's going on here without trying to figure out what that strange INSPECT does

Comment Re:Batch (Score 5, Funny) 318

I hate it. Stupidest language of all time. I'm trying to convert all these crap programs to nicely done RPG IV, but its a Don Quijote task. I hate the fact, that file access can only be done in 50 lines of code. String operations are total nonsense, ever tried to get a string rightaligned? RPG file access via chain is done in 5-6 lines including the definition of the file and rightalign via evalr().

Comment Re:Oh, get over yourself (Score 1) 556

yep. children should play outside or with their parents or friends. seeing a bird outside is better, than watching a video of the same bird on a computer. "what was the last name of his girlfriend again?" "uum, I think he said something like jaypeck"

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