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Comment Your mechanic (Score 1) 160

Had my car die (water pump broke off) and I limped it a mile to my driveway. What were my options? Call an expensive tow to the nearest repair shop? I found your mechanic and they had a guy out there the next day and he fixed my car right there in the driveway. The guy was awesome, very honest and cheaper than the shop and no towing needed.

I will use them again for changing my sparkplugs (stupid modern cars make this hard..). I've used it a second time for replacing my alternator.

Great service. This is not a paid advertisement. Just a really happy customer.

Submission + - (Ask Slashdot) Why is comp history necessary for a tech job application? 1

An anonymous reader writes: During the interview process for a tech job, I was asked to fill out an application, which included questions about my compensation history. When I asked why this info was needed, I was told that it was part of the background check process, and would not be used to determine the size of the offer. Even if that's true, does anyone know any legit reasons why my comp history should be part of a background check? What is the risk for the employer of not knowing that info? Is this standard procedure or part of a trend at tech companies? Is it anything more than an attempt to gain negotiating leverage?

Comment Side project... (Score 0) 351

I've never met a software developer, musician, or artist who didn't have a side project of some sort in addition to their "day job". Unless, of course, they didn't even have the day job. Those of us who accept the practical need to have a day job to pay the bills, but still feel unfulfilled, need the side project. Thats most of us creative people.

Not sure how this is a "millennial" thing.

Oh, I see. Millennials think everything is about them, that they're experiencing it for the first time, etc. That's the real story.

Meanwhile the rest of us are thinking WTF is wrong with kids these days? Get off my lawn, etc...

Submission + - New PHP framework trumps all others (

greywire writes: This "new" PHP framework has risen to unheard of popularity. Available today on every server that currently runs PHP, its popularity dwarfs all other frameworks combined.

(submission for April Fools Day)

Comment Cloud 9, AWS/Bitnami (Score 1) 168

I've been dabbling with this myself lately, for multiple reasons.

I'm currently using Cloud9 and frankly I can't tell much difference performance or feature wise (but I don't extensively use all the bells and whistles in any IDE anyway).

Cloud9 is cool because while you can use their servers to really quickly bring up dev environments, you can also just as easily SSH into your own box (I'm using AWS with Bitnami distros) for flexibility and security. You get convenient access to the files in the IDE just like it was local, plus any number of shells. And you get unlimited access for $20 a month.

Also, bringing a new developer online is super easy, and it makes for easy live collaboration.

The only disadvantages are that you need a decent internet access all the time, which can be a problem if you are a road warrior, and for me when I'm doing mobile app development with ionic framework the live update feature doesn't work, as well as launching the mobile app on the device from the shell (since its not directly connected). But that's pretty minor.

Being able to get good performance out of a lower specced machine is also nice, because it means I can custom build something and still do the same dev...

Comment Please make it stop... (Score 1) 227

This is a big problem, but one which I often get dirty looks from people when I complain about it. Because they think I should be grateful to have job offers..

I'm at the point where I just have to turn off my phone sometimes.

Once in a while I will answer just to explain to them, hey, you might want to check a map of the United States and see that this job is a thousand miles from my home. And not to sound racist, but, I swear, the moment I hear an accent of any kind, I know its BS and I hang up.

But even the valid jobs, in my area, for skills I actually have, are sometimes so excessive I cannot conduct normal business on the phone. I've had to literally delete my accounts on job boards after landing a job to slow them down.

Submission + - New PHP micro framework available on every PHP server (

greywire writes: PurePHP is a new micro framework for PHP that will be available on every LAMP stack server, everywhere, starting right now. PurePHP features the lowest overhead and fastest run time of any framework, ever. The learning curve is also easier than any other framework. In short, no other PHP framework can beat it in sheer efficiency and availability!

Comment Not the best article.. (Score 1) 323

but there are a few gems in it.

I kinda get what they are saying.

From own experience as parent with three kids:

child #1: no disciplinary method ever worked effectively, period (spanks, timeouts, taking objects or privileges away, etc). Currently this child has severe entitlement issues and feels nothing is her fault. She passes the psychopath test with flying colors. at 16, she's in psychiatric care after professing suicidal ideation and superficial attempts.

child #2. A thoughtful, empathetic and generous girl of 9 who sometimes floods emotionally and has big tantrums. She clearly has suffered from abuse from child #1. When she has tantrums, its like her neural pathways become scrambled and the only way to bring her back to rational behavior is with a quick spank, which seems to "reset" her system. After which she is rational, remorseful and loving again. Timeouts and take aways generally work.

child #3. a big hearted loving boy at 7 years old who is very physical and intense but also cerebral. Spanking does not work, simply sending him into an animal like rage as depicted in the article with hissing, biting, etc. The only way to snap him out of his tantrums is to get him to think about the puzzling nature of things at which point his higher level reasoning takes over from his reptilian brain.

All three children completely different. all of them super inteligent. all of them with ideas about how to fix things, inventing, or helping society.

Anecdotally alone, I would say spanking generally does not work as a discipline method, but can be helpful as a pysiological tool. Its all about teachable moments and above all repetition! Reinforce the neural pathways with the positive influence you want, over and over until it sticks.

For instance, the bedtime. You dont coddle them all night long but you dont just ignore the crying either... you just keep putting them back to bed. they know they arent abandoned, but at the same time they know (eventually) they arent going to "win". Its a lot more work. With a baby you make contact but then put him down. With an older child, you can rationalize a bit.

Comment DSNP.. (Score 1) 269

Very interesting but abandoned low level protocol for distributed social networking.

Uses encryption and trust relationships which can be granted/withdrawn. There was a document describing it, but I cant find it on the net anymore, but the sourcecode is on github. It just needs somebody to set up an easy to access front end.

Comment Re:Maybe it's learning style? (Score 5, Insightful) 786

If we're looking for a reason, I think this is the best one I've heard so far.

The thing about the media being the cause I think is wrong, that was just an effect.

The cause I think is spot on, that males are competitive and in general more solitary (damn that testosterone), and females are more apt to be concerned with social aspects. In the late 70's and 80s computers became much more accessible to those competitive loners (nerd stereotyping here).

Which is to say, its not that females can't do it, or that males are better at it (insert whatever you want for it), its just that they are quite possibly just not interested as much. Before the advent of Personal Computers, computing was mostly prevalent in an academic setting, which is more social..

Comment Re: No new macbook pro (Score 1) 355

I see I've been moderated funny but I'm actually not kidding. I've been deliberating over whether to get a new high end laptop or get a nice tablet and just move mostly to cloud services. Why bother setting up Web servers and databases etc locally when you can fire them up in the cloud? And I despise working with photoshop anyway, I just want to code..

I went through a similar transition from desktop to laptop.

It's time.

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