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Comment Re:And the Singularity is no cure... (Score 1) 108

How is the you rotting on the floor any more you than the you thinking, living, loving in a virtual world? Copy that you to another server, and which one is less you? People need to get over this idea that this meat that we walk around in has some unique spot inside that contains our soul. Rather realize that the only soul you have is the one that you have convinced yourself you have.

Comment Re:Bottom half flooded with choice (Score 1) 110

What's old is new again. The most exciting "innovation" the internet has brought to music, for me, has been the resurgence of patronage. Have an old band that you loved which faded into obscurity 20 years ago, who you wish would put out JUST ONE MORE ALBUM? With the advent of patreon and kickstarter, you can help them put out a new album just by donating. Hey, it was good enough for Mozart!

Comment Re:More JUNK flourishing (Score 1) 110

I haven't noticed the ratio of junk to awesome being any worse than what I hear on the radio. If you haven't found good indie music on youtube, you haven't looked very hard. Since I am an old fart, and miss the 80s, I have been ecstatic to see the synthwave subculture finding an audience, and inspiring new bands, Some of which are really good . This is something that would have never happened under the old distribution system.

I, for one, welcome the chances of sub cultures to flourish with massive connectivity, even if it did give us Bronies.

Comment Re: s/drug trials/climate change/g (Score 2) 331

Calling something expensive doesn't make it less urgent. Humans will suffer (possibly) from the increased cost of building solar and wind plants (even though that will create a crap ton of jobs and reduce dependency on foreign energy sources.) But HUMANKIND will suffer for our shortsightedness if we delay indefinitely. And trust me, just because you don't know how soon, doesn't mean it won't be SOON. All in all, I think my point was salient. Already, in my life, glaciers here as long as humankind have just melted right a way. Assuming more adverse effects won't happen in your human lifetime is like standing in a storm shouting "It can't rain any more than it already has." You might want to meditate on that for a minute before you go around accusing people of being ignorant. Sometimes things are hard, that doesn't mean they aren't the right thing to do. You know there is a problem, put on your big boy breeches and help fix it.

Comment Re:Why not go the whole nine yards? (Score 2) 169

First of all, bullshit: And secondly, it is really odd that you choose something like an owl wing to base your scientific musings off of, rather than the fantastic examples of us throwing enough money at something and figuring it out, such as nuclear weaponry or traveling to the moon. Money = resources. If you throw enough resources at science, you will indeed see results. The vast majority of scientific achievements have been from people who knew what they wanted to do and kept plugging away at it until they made it happen. Eureka moments are very rare in the grand scheme of things.

Comment Re:Interesting, the DNC chose Signal (Score 1) 326

I agree. I mean, I am super liberal, and hate the current Idiot in cheif, and all the party line republicans that are goose stepping in his nominees, but should we really be complaining when they choose to make their systems MORE secure? That they may or may not be using them for corrupt purposes, should be a completely different topic of criticism.

Comment Re:About (Score 1) 834

You know, this perplexes the hell out of me. Why is it that we, as a society, are willing to encourage the least skilled/responsible workers TO HANDLE OUR FOOD? You might find that if you paid more, that employee might value their job enough to excel at it. You might not consider it noble, but there are a lot of skills to master, even in a subway. Customer service, inventory management, etc. The problem might not be with your workers.

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