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Submission + - Windows for Warships nears frontline service

demented writes: The Register has a piece on Win2K server based combat control systems soon to be deployed on several UK Royal Navy vessels, including air defense ships and nuclear-powered submarines armed with Trident nuclear missiles. The article deals with some interesting problems regarding combat control systems in general and argues whether Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server is a suitable platform for this kind of software.

Submission + - Will Apollo mistakes be made with Mars?

MattSparkes writes: "In some ways the Apollo 11 mission was a great success; the astronauts got back to Earth safely after walking on the moon. However, it was a massive disaster in terms of quarantine procedures — the astronauts had to leave the landing capsule to enter the quarantine module, after it was found that the crane on board the ship wasn't strong enough to raise it. Would NASA be able to protect the Earth from Martian pathogens if it successfully returns soil samples from the Red Planet?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

What Vista Is Really Like 305

This waking dream has been making the rounds: what if you woke and found a strange and beautiful woman in your bed, and she was inscrutible, unpredictable, and dangerous... but oh so beautiful? That's Vista for you.
The Internet

Submission + - Why Vandalize Wiki's?

An anonymous reader writes: Why are people fascinated with vandalizing Wiki's, such as Wikia, Wikipedia, or Wikibooks? Sure, some of the reasons are obvious, such as Link Spam, but what motivates users to post full page vandalizations such as a few on Wikia, knowing those reverts will be undone shortly? What are these vandals trying to accomplish? I can understand the pride in defacing a web site that has security you need to break, but isn't it a moot point "hacking" a publicly editable site? It's an interesting social phenomenon, and I'd love to hear from the vandals themselves.

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