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Comment I'm out, see ya. (Score 1) 409

Slashdot has been getting worse and worse. And this thread just cements it for me. I've deployed to the sandbox three times. EVERY COMMENT (save two or three) in this discussion is arrogant, dismissive, and completely wrong.

It's amazing how you can all be so comfortable expounding on topics you have no experience with.

Check my post history if you think I'm trolling. It's been a good run, but this was the last straw.


Comment Re:Why the timestamps ? (Score 1) 556

So Apple is beginning to reply over this blackeye.


In June 2010, Congressmen Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., and Joe Barton, R-Texas wrote a letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs inquiring about Apple's privacy policy and location-based services

In response the company's general counsel Bruce Sewall wrote a letter explaining its practice, and shedding light on the rationale the company uses to monitor users.

Apple hasn't responded to this current snafu. The whole article is based on a letter from last year.


Comment Re:Hm... (Score 1) 144

Shielding the hundreds of miles of wire on a small fighter like the F-16 would add thousands of pounds to the unloaded weight of the aircraft, reducing available payload for fuel or ordnance. In aviation- and more specifically, military aviation- there is a constant struggle between weight and strength/redundancy. Panels are chemically milled to thin out areas with lower stress concentration, a process that saves only a few grams or ounces per panel. The airframe is built to be just strong enough to fly between 300-400 hours without disintegrating in midair, whereupon it must be taken apart and have many parts replaced. The manufacturer and the AF decided that it was worth the extra maintenance costs to have an airframe that can turn x degrees-per-second faster, or take off from a runway that is y feet shorter, than a stronger, heavier airframe.

The point is- these aircraft are not built like a long-haul commercial passenger fleet, nor are they built like the heavily defended flying fortresses of yesteryear. Modern fighters are built and equipped for very specific missions, and afaik none of those missions include surviving major emp. You can ask about nuclear warheads, but the simple answer is that the fighter fleet is not an 'anti-nuclear' force. An F-16 doesn't need to be nuclear hardened because an F-16 close enough to a nuke to have its circuits fried will almost certainly be a loss anyways. The base I work at was once a primary target for soviet ICBMs due to nearby silos and our nuclear munitions. It would be laughable to expect the planes on the ground to scramble after a nuclear detonation or hope to land on the glowing crater where the runway used to be.

tl;dr- non-rf cables aren't shielded except in areas of the aircraft where it is absolutely necessary.


Comment Re:Context (Score 1) 348

the BBC has a world service and even special channels for certain regions of the world like BBC America.

And the BBC's web player doesn't work for US viewers. Doesn't Britain know that it's part of a larger world that might be interested in such a service?

Or maybe it's foolish to harangue slashdot users over the policies of a company they have no control over.

Comment Re:Feminine shape? (Score 1) 239

I'm not saying that normal houses don't have their share of waste or that the finished airplane house was leaking hydraulic fluid. I'm saying that it's stupid to call either of them green or sustainable.

I could build a house out of vcr's because of some fetish with magnetic tape but it wouldn't be green or sustainable just because it saved some vcr's from the dump. It would just be a self-indulgent, if whimsical, drain on my extravagant wealth.
(the $50,000 quoted in tfa is a minuscule portion of the house's actual cost)

Comment Re:Feminine shape? (Score 3, Insightful) 239

Sorry to respond to myself but I just had to add some things.

-no, they sure as hell did not disassemble all 4,500,000 pieces. Most of that number is fasteners (rivets) which are destroyed by being removed (and need to be replaced).

-here are a few things that aren't part of a "sustainable" house: many pounds of lead, cadmium all over the place, hydraulic fluid, fuel cells with fuel residue, halon fire suppression system, primer loaded with chromates, toxic insulation, plastic and fabric treated with flame retardants, etc.

-trucked cross-country

What this amounts to is a pile of used scrap aluminum generously sprinkled with hazardous waste. 8 years in aviation maintenance has been enough for me to lose any childhood fantasies about living in airplanes.

It just bugs me that they're using words like green and sustainable around an airplane. Might as well build a house out of pre-RoHS electronics.


Comment Re:Wish Apple put some work on OSX (Score 1) 453

From experience OS/X guzzle memory like no other OS I know.


MBP here with two browsers open 24x7 plus whatever other stuff I have open (avg 4-5 open windows).

Here's the output of my 'uptime' command:
14:59 up 6 days, 14:14, 2 users, load averages: 0.22 0.34 0.54

Here's the top of my 'top' output:
Processes: 60 total, 3 running, 57 sleeping, 319 threads 15:01:50
Load Avg: 0.35, 0.35, 0.51 CPU usage: 4.5% user, 5.1% sys, 90.93% idle
SharedLibs: 8988K resident, 1988K data, 0B linkedit.
MemRegions: 26148 total, 927M resident, 22M private, 454M shared.
PhysMem: 854M wired, 2181M active, 525M inactive, 3560M used, 408M free.
VM: 134G vsize, 1036M framework vsize, 928794(0) pageins, 150(0) pageouts.
Networks: packets: 11435804/7468M in, 10101665/1550M out.
Disks: 1329934/17G read, 604685/24G written.

Seems pretty healthy to me. If you want to point fingers, try firefox (currently using 723 MB real) or itunes (currently using 275 MB real). That just blows my mind. Two of the (ostensibly) most basic programs using more RAM than would fit into my first hard drive.


Comment Re:What is next a cop fee and if you don't pay rap (Score 5, Informative) 2058

Bad news: the scotus has already ruled that police can, in fact, legally stand by as you are raped. Even if they know about it. Even if you call for help.


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