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Comment Re: so what? (Score 1) 644

The classic "solution" to reduce excess capital stock and unused labor is to start a war - either internal or external - this sucks up the labor and destroys capital both physically and by arms production - when a sufficient amount of labor and capital has been destroyed the system can reset and start building capital again using up the surplus labor. Of course we could just not destroy all the capital and live with a large surplus of labor through a combination of progressive taxation and basic income to labor - the problem is we are too stupid to understand this - it's immoral not to work! Those lazy people without a job should get one and we like to worship kings or billionaires and magic job creators - fuck it, I hate people - they would rather fuck the other guy over than do something that might benefit everyone - we would rather burn the whole fucking system down than give a nickel to someone "undeserving" - shit if someone had a job pushing a button twice a day they would be resentful of the "freeloaders" who didn't push a button - fuck them

Comment Re: Or it could be globalism (Score 1) 495

Or it could be a mix of emerging world low cost labor, automation and the people who own the capital trying to bring labor to it knees - oh yeah, and one party in particular doing everything in is power so make sure capital has the upper hand - give you a hint - is not the one with the Marxist Muslim!

Comment Re:May revive their med devices (Score 1) 86

As someone who worked at GRC for 13 years, I definelty had a different perception of the 10% policy - usually about 3 months before performance reviews the knives would come out, everybody would be searching for someone to throw under the bus, the only people who were safe were people who sucked up to their manager - if fact, perversely, the policy had the opposite effect as was intendend, the system preserved incompetent sociopaths who were execellent in sucking up and blaming others for thier own failures and GE often would kick out technically capable people who were not into the survivor game GE turned into every year. I sleep much better after leaving that place.I am now management at another company and from my GE expericence I make it a point to sniff out and fire - suck ups, narcissists and sociopaths who blame others for their own incompetence who ruin the organization like they did at GRC..

Comment Idiot (Score -1, Troll) 958

I would just like to say that Scott Adams is an idiot - if he thinks science has lost its credibility because he is fat, he is quite simply a moron who enables other morons who can't tell the difference between marketing and science - for example he blames science for dropping the ball on cigarettes! cigarette companies fought the science tooth and nail for 50 years - and fuck him for not trusting science while typing on his fucking blog while reading about the space probe visiting Pluto and not worrying about fucking polio when he was a kid - no fucking credibility? - fucking moron

Comment whining (Score 0) 333

Wow - so many little boys whining that they aren't being encouraged to play with Chistmas tree lights! Whaaa Sexism! Man up - as a white male I can attest to enjoying the benefits of white privelege in america every day - cops don't pull me over and I dont worry about getting shot by them, my bank likes me and gives me loans, people alway defer to me right in front of my chinese girlfriend even when we are shopping for her! - oh and I am the boss at work - don't worry boys I don't see that changing any time soon, so some little girls get to play with christmas tree lights and you will grow up to be a senior director while she will be told to quit after getting pregnant - OMG OBAMA sexism! I guess maybe you guys are upset because you have all the advantages and you still can't get ahead!

Comment Re:the solution: (Score 3, Insightful) 651

Yes I love how in the 1860s in the US an armed citizenry overthrew a corrupt goverment that allowed the enslavement of its citizens - oh wait, that didn't happen, the armed citizens were there to suppress slave revolts on the south, which was the original purpose of the second amendment - not to overthrow a tyrannical goverment, it was to preserve a tryranical government which allowed slavery - i.e. to allow (white) people to carry guns to suppress local slave revolts - duh, you can't really keep slaves without guns to keep them in line. The freedom loving patriots in the south never rose up to free the black slaves - that took a fucking government army.

Comment Re: First post (Score 1) 274

I doubt unions are the problem Germany makes lots of cars with very expensive labor - in my experience US management sucks (literally) - management at a lot of US companies is just focused on looting the company by transferring any value created into their bonus and not reinvesting in new products and not paying to keep skilled labor - of course the profits look great for a while until there is nothing left but a dry husk of the company left - usually just marketing, sales and service teams are all that is left in the end state....

Comment SpaceX -whoopie! (Score 2, Insightful) 333

I know this will not be well recieved - but I do not understand the enthusiasm, or what is remarkable about SpaceX - the government never has built rockets, it always subcontracts them out to (usually to Boeing or Lockeed) maybe integration is done by the government but usually that is subcontracted out too - so the "innovation" in SpaceX is basically just a change in the way goverment contracts are run, removing the rider that lets the contractor get paid more if the budget goes over (note SpaceX recieved 250M+ in "seed money" from the gov't - sounds alot like the old way of doing things to me) - I guess this is what the we call innovation these days - as for the critique by NASA and the ESA, it is more credible that both agencies say it could be an issue, they both have experts and have tried re-use before - so SpaceX should listen to what they have to say - but listening to experts is out of fashon these days too - anyway call me us when someone develops a new type of rocket motor or spacecraft system concept, not a new way to write government contracts, or just the government having another contractor to shop with.

Comment Re:Forbit all HFT (Score 1) 246

bingo! mod parent up - damping is what is needed in a lot of socially engineered systems, just as in mechanical systems sometimes damping is required for socally engineered systems to operate effectively - without damping, we get a lot of the problems we see in our society like CEO salaries, or unlimited political donations.... the problem is the people who profit from these out of whack systems fight like hell to make the system even less damped...

Comment Re:need more government sponsorship (Score 1) 126

Rockets were always built by private corporations - like Lockeed Martin - the "innovation" in SpaceX is simply a change in the terms of the contract by which the rockets are funded - the Saturn V was built by Boeing, McDonnel Douglas and IBM as lead contractors - I love how we equate innovation with a change in contract, or how we equate money with actual value - it is like being confused over the difference between a pointer to an object with the object itself

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