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Comment Rosetta Disk, Language Archive (Score 3, Informative) 161

The Long Now Foundation is thinking about and working on projects like The Rosetta Disk, which crams a bunch of languages onto a 4 inch metal disk. "This is an archive of over 1,500 human languages assembled in the year 02008 C.E. Magnify 1,000 times to find over 13,000 pages of language documentation. The text begins at eye-readable scale and spirals down to nano-scale. This tapered ring of languages is intended to maximize the number of people that will be able to read something immediately upon picking up the Disk, as well as implying the directions for using it—‘get a magnifier and there is more.’" That's just part of their "10,000 year library."

Comment Re:"Open Source" could go the way of "Organic" (Score 1) 112

Yes, Eric S Raymond championed the new buzz-phrase "Open Source" over RMS's "Free Software."

See the mini-essay titled "Goodbye, 'free software'; hello, 'open source'" at

P.S. These days, look for "Oregon Tilth Organic" if you're looking for the old meaning of organic.

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