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Comment meh (Score 1) 443

I HAVE cable and I DID watch it on cable on Sunday - except I missed half of it because I had no idea it was on. Even so, my living room is uncomfortable and the cable box in my own room is broken. Ergo, I torrent it. I ALWAYS torrent shows, especially after watching them on TV. Let's see - store them for my media server, or pay 60 dollars for the bluray box set in 6 months? I'll buy the bluray when it's not overpriced, thank you.

Comment Really? (Score 2) 443

Are you joking? A) People don't like commercials. B) People don't like it to be dictated to when they can watch what they want to watch. That's kind of why Amazon, Crackle, Netflix, and Hulu, and Apple TV, and the new Amazon system, and Roxio, and DVR, exist. C) People don't want to wait until 2 years from now when Netflix gets the 5th season all the way uploaded

Comment Re:WHOIS and Google reveal ... (Score 1) 381

No offense but there is absolutely no reason for him to have the domain other than leeching. His sole purpose is leeching at this point. The only thing he could possibly stand to gain from being an asshole is money that he does not deserve nor did he earn, in any construed way. If Microsoft loses a case, I would be absolutely amazed.

Comment Re:Temp Files (Score 1) 519

It also incessantly tries to create it's own cache folder where it stores (and I realize now this is probably what you mean) album art for example. I told you once and I've told you hundreds more times iTunes - that shit is in the folder with the music. Use it. That's not to mention the database file it uses for your library which more often than not becomes unusable if anything goes wrong in the program. And the dupes, oh god the dupes. When other people have to make a script to kill dupes that don't actually exist on your disks....

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