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Comment Re:For what? (Score 1) 309

Movies cost way more to make than video games and yet a brand new Blu-Ray release is usually only $15-$20. Games priced at $50 are a ripoff.

They're completely different forms of entertainment. Try looking at it from a dollars-per-hour-of-entertainment-value perspective. If I buy a Blu-ray for $20 and I watch the film (2-3 hours?) and all of the behind-the-scenes and bonus features (2-6 hours maybe?) then I've paid about $2-3 per hour of entertainment. If I buy a $60 game and I sink 100 hours into it, I'm paying less than $1 per hour for that entertainment. I can also continue to play many games in new and undiscovered ways which drives down the hourly cost even more. I can't keep watching a film in new and interesting ways. I can't mod a film to add entirely new content to the experience. When you look at it that way, it's the Blu-ray film that's the ripoff, not the game. Although I guess if you buy a game with less than 20-30 hours of gameplay and there's nothing else new to explore, then it might be the game that's a ripoff. But most games are not like that.

Comment GNU/Linux (Score 1) 190

Better yet, skip the Chromebook altogether and get something like the Acer Aspire E11 and then install your favorite flavor of GNU/Linux. I bought one for $199 at MicroCenter, installed a 128 GB Crucial SSD ($79), 4 GB of Crucial DDR3L memory ($39), and an Intel Wireless-AC card ($19), and then installed Ubuntu 14.04. It cost under $350, everything worked right away in Ubuntu, and now I can do whatever I'd like with it.

Comment Re:What I would prefer... (Score 1) 80

Try the WD TV Live. I have one, and it's awesome. Plays MKV files ripped straight from a Blu-Ray.

I really like my WD TV Live. It plays a lot of formats and has a simple but usable interface. It definitely passed the "wife test" for ease-of-use. But it has one glaring omission: no Amazon Prime streaming (see: "Online Services"). They just released a 2.0 firmware update with a bunch of new "supports [service]" notes, but Amazon is not one of them. Western Digital, I am disappoint.

Comment Yes (Score 5, Interesting) 631

At least in my world it's been declining. I was once an Ubuntu fanatic. "It's so easy," I would tell people. It passed my girlfriend test. It passed my parents test. I used Ubuntu every day for years. After 10.04 LTS, things started going downhill. Once 12.04 LTS hit the streets, things started going downhill faster. I have since switched to Ubuntu's upstream parent, Debian, with LXFE for the desktop. Clean, simple, elegant. I'll keep this.

Comment You already said it (Score 1) 299

...(beyond develop hobbies, spend time with family)...

Develop hobbies and spend time with your family.

Programming (or learning to program if you don't already know how) is a productive hobby. Get a train set. Repaint your house. Buy and restore a classic car by hand (although that can be quite expensive). Go hiking/kayaking/skiing/biking/fishing. Learn to play the guitar/bass/drums/piano/sax/trumpet/sousaphone. Have a barbeque. Build a barbeque. Go geocaching. Go geohashing . And get your kids/parents/spouse/siblings/friends/neighbors involved.

I only wish I have free time for these things

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