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Comment aside from bash... (Score 2, Interesting) 665

vim is the program that I use most. I used to code mostly shell stuff as a sysadmin and RAD niche programs: bash, perl, python, ruby... I always use vim for that. I also use vim for html, css, javascript, latex, and plain-ol' writing any kind of text.

These days I've been using eclipse a lot in emacs mode because my current job requires lots of java coding of a program with a huge code base, and my wrists are starting to hurt. Seriously, emacs is also good (IMHO not as fast as vim if you know both really well -- I use emacs mode in bash and know it pretty durn well too), but the weird stretches that you do in emacs will give you serious hand and wrist problems from awkward repetitive hand movements.

The other reason I prefer vim is that I REALLY LIKE having an editing mode separate from an insert mode. I like using vim to navigate through my code without worrying that I'll accidentally delete a character or make a typo. I actually do that all the time when I use emacs mode in eclipse, and then I have to undo my changes (but sometimes it takes a second to figure out which was the last intentional change).

With vim I can navigate through my file with little worry that I'll mess anything up.

And vim is FAR superior to old vi!!! Syntax-highlighting, word completion (C-n, C-p, dictionary completion, file completion...)

Emacs may be somewhat more powerful/extensible, and I believe it's quite good for coding in C/C++ and integrating with build tools -- a wonderful editor and environment. But for shear editing speed I think NOTHING can beat vim.

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