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Comment Re:Gartner "analysts" (Score 2) 91

Proves the worth of analysts. Gartner is just a Microsoft shill.

I'm assuming you're talking about Gartner's prediction that Windows Phone would overtake iPhone in 2015?

Whilst analysts have a tendency to get very little right, in fairness to Gartner, they probably weren't expecting Microsoft to reboot the platform twice and, in both times, leave all their previous users high and dry on the old OS.

Comment Re: Wireless charging now? (Score 1) 79

Apple pay is innovation? Now I need $1000 device to pay for $15 bill instead of free credit card that is 1/100 of the weight and 1/4 of the size and merchant has to give Apple 30% for the privilege. Who do you think pays for that 30% in the end?

The merchant isn't charged anything beyond their usual card processing fees. Apple's fee comes from the card issuer which is a percentage of their interchange fee. The 30% you speak of is for apps in the App Store and isn't remotely related to the fees around Apple Pay.

You probably should have prefixed your rant with an admission that you don't have the remotest clue how Apple Pay works.

Comment Re:Wireless charging now? (Score 1) 79

Hmm, several years behind the opposition with sales of those products doing very well.

I don't have a problem with Apple being late to a game, provided that what they do bring is measurably better/useful/practical in some way.

Apple Pay did that, whereas Maps and Music did not. Where wireless charging sits on this spectrum remains to be seen.

Comment Wireless (Score 1) 143

The biggest issue I have with wireless charging is that with a wired cable you're limited to plugging your phone into a cable which is plugged into a wall socket about 1-2m away. With wireless charging you're limited to putting your phone into a dock which has a cable which is plugged into a wall socket about 1-2m away.

As an added bonus, it charges much slower and costs about 12x more than a simple cable (even Lightning ones, provided you don't buy from Apple).

Unless someone can come up with a way to make electricity flow through the air (yeah, I know, physics) or some way for you enable full surface wireless charging on existing tables then I'm not convinced this is going to go anywhere beyond "nice, but not entirely essential, to have".

Comment Re:"Up to $10" (Score 1) 99

In the end, especially in light of the "no proof of purchase required", everyone will probably get $1.43 per drive, or less. Meanwhile, those driving the class action suit will pull in $25M, or more.

On the bright side, the next time companies think about doing something similar, they'll have 25 million reasons as to why it's not a such a good idea.

Comment Re: Nintend dropped the ball on surround sound, to (Score 1) 59

The Xbox and Xbox 360 could generate DD5.1 streams; the PS3 could play DD5.1 streams.

On the other hand, I specifically bought a Sony receiver that accepted 5.1 and 7.1 LPCM and very little else, and use a PS3 with the Harmony remote receiver as my HT bluray player; whatever sound format happens to be used, the PS3 happily decodes it and spits it out LPCM, and the receiver happily plays it.

Comment Re:What do you mean how did they get it wrong? (Score 1) 59

Buddy, in 1997, 3d graphics were all the rage in the PC space, with the 3dfx Voodoo, and offerings from ATI, NVidia, Matrox, PowerVR, and so on.

GLQuake was released in 1997, as was Wing Commander: Prophecy, Heavy Gear, lots of other games.

PC was doing 3d games like Wing Commander 3 and 4, and MechWarrior 2 years prior to that. Let alone games like Alone in the Dark even earlier.

In 1999, a scant two years later, Bleem! brought PlayStation emulation to the PC.

Comment Re:Who stole it first..? (Score 1) 86

Don't the people who the software has been distributed to get to require the source code? Sure, they can then turn around and hand it out to the public world, but my understanding of the GPL isn't 'you use it, you must release the code,' it's 'anybody who gets your software can request a copy of the code.'

Comment Re:No Sympathy (Score 1) 532

Except that it's entirely possible to own and use guns for a lifetime with no health damage to any living thing. It's impossible to smoke without incurring health damage.

Here's an experiment: What would happen if the government decreed that, henceforth, smoking anywhere was perfectly legal, but that no smoking product could have any amount of nicotine?

Comment Re:Does Ireland wan't the money? (Score 1) 174

The very LAST thing Ireland really wants is to enforce this law. For good reason. Right now they get a bit of the cake, but they get a bit of the cake from everyone because every company, from Apple to Amazon to MS to Google, is hiding in their tax shelter.

If they now actually fold (and yes, that would be Ireland folding to EU pressure), what reason is there for them to stay in Ireland? The weather?

They still have the lowest corporate tax in the EU at 12.5% Apple would just have to pay that instead of 0.02%.


The whole point of this investigation was that it was only Apple was getting the special 0.02% tax deal.

Everyone else in Ireland was taxed at 12.5%.

Comment Re:Homeopathy is a scam (Score 1) 309

if the stuff is diluted so much that there is nothing there, how the f**k can it be dangerous and need to be recalled?


which may have been improperly diluted

There is the third possibility in this case: it is homeopathy, intended to be diluted, with a manufacturing defect.

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