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Comment Parenting Forums (Score 0, Offtopic) 477

Why are parents insecure asshats? The answer lies in the title.

If people were secure in themselves, they wouldn't need to bring a life into this world to give their own lives meaning.

To be fair, some don't bring children into the world just to validate their existence. We call this second set "poor planners." Though, arguably, that doesn't help the demographic much.

I started this reply joking. Having thought it through, I'm not so sure I am anymore.

Comment Proudly Since... (Score 1) 477

Proudly hiding goatse in links, blaming Cowboy Neal, stating 640kb Will Be Enough For Anyone and wondering about Beowulf Clusters Of... on Slashdot since 1998.

The internet was always an unregulated Wild West. We were just so happy for the good it brought that the bad was worth it. Then we got used to its ubiquity, took the good for granted and the bad started getting under our skin.

Comment Re: Reverse engineering (Score 2) 502

I think you're confusing those nations for Saudi Arabia who, despite supplying most of the 9/11 terrorists, would be politically inconvenient to treat as harshly. Same goes for Pakistan.

Once you exclude nations that actually produce the majority of attackers of the US as the criteria for the ban, what are you left with?

Hmm. Looks mostly like nations that are sending huddled masses the US doesn't want got targeted plus a couple of others for political vendettas.


Comment Essentially Free (Score 1) 399

When you have a display that can handle the frame rate necessary to alternate the picture anyway... what's the cost?

By all means, stop packing 3D glasses in. Make them a separate purchase for those who want them.

But why not offer the feature for those who want it when the hardware already does everything you need and it costs essentially nothing more?

If anything, the moment for glasses is finally here. Yeah, they still suck to wear. But the next major complaint was that they darkened the picture. Yet Samsung's doubled picture brightness this year. You can have each eye blacked out half of the time and still have as bright a picture as last year's glassesless version.

So, sure, most people don't use it much. But when it's essentially free, why not check that box for the 1% who do want it?

Comment First, Ask Why (Score 1) 433

The question lists What they're doing but barely speculates as to Why, beyond "to look good."

Most people I've seen treated this way get it because they've either badly or repeatedly screwed over colleagues.

From the description, it's an environment where people don't have much trust in management/HR helping. In such a situation, where the gaslighter may well have a legitimate issue with the victim but, in the absence of legitimate channels, taking away their ability to succeed until they go away remains an apparent only choice.

So first step is to consider if you've screwed then over. Not by your definition but by theirs. If so, start by mending bridges.

Maybe it is nothing to do with the victim. Still ask why.

Maybe they're a very insecure person, despite the rockstar talents the victim perceives.

Maybe they're scared of someone less talented but younger and hotter.

Or maybe they're hurting from other bad workplace drama, a bad manager, another bullying colleague, and lashing out where they can.

Get to know them, understand them, empathize, build their trust, make yourself an ally they want to build up not tear down.

Is that fair? Should you have to work with an unfair bully?

No. Back when mommy could talk to the teacher, it wasn't fair.

But this is the real world. In a good company, management and HR will help but this apparently isn't one. That leaves leaving (hurts you), fighting (often hurts you more) or being the bigger person to ensure you succeed.

You're going to hit lots of unfair in your career. Working out how to win anyway is at least as important a skill as any technical one.

Comment What is a CEO's job? (Score 4, Insightful) 176

A CEO's job is...

A) Run the company in the most successful way that returns the greatest value over the long run.
B) Run the company in the way that most benefits society and the employees.
C) Create the greatest short term growth in stock prices so the current investors, who control their hiring, can sell and realize a profit.

Given it's the involved, activist shareholders that determine most CEO's hiring and firing - and they're looking for a dramatic change in company value over the short term...

Any CEO who chases A or B is an idiot who's going to ultimately get replaced by shareholders who want a sudden bump in value and then to get the hell out. They don't give a damn about whether the company will be worth more money in ten years because they intend to have sold, bought again when value tanks, sold after a short term solve, bought again when the value tanks... and repeated many times.

How a company does over ten years as a metric of CEO efficiency is just a demonstration of completely missing what CEOs are rewarded for.

The CEO who created a massive short term growth, then left and left the company to tank for a while, is worth that large bill to the shareholders who are trying to get just that.

Also, we don't get ponies just because we really, really want one and it's only fair!

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