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Journal Journal: IT posting... this one probably also won't make it 1

To follow on to my DHS posting. This is the second submission... this one is important. I don't know why they haven't accepted someone's posting on this!

It appears that the hackers didn't take the weekend off after all. Attacks are starting to be reported in various places already. It appears to be somewhat targeted to Win2k so far, but that will change. Looks like the DHS wasn't too crazy. Since many Internet kiosks tend to be the last thing on people's minds to manage, I wonder if they will harbor these attacks like they did in the Code Red outbreak.

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Journal Journal: Pending submission

Since this probably won't make the main page...

World to End on August 22nd, 2006

So, we may never know when Vista or Office 2007 will get released. In just a scant few days, the world may end according to an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal. Apparently Iran's leader would like to share a decisive, definitive answer about Iran's nuclear program with the rest of the world on August 22nd. One of the issues at stake is that the 22nd of August corresponds to a significant Muslim holy day that commemorates the flight of Muhammad to somewhere near Jerusalem.

Being that the existing turmoil in the middle east (Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, etc.) already has brought up talk of the rapture being near and World War III, we should probably take bets on which will come true as we all go on Rapture Watch.

Be sure to have a pre-designated conjugal entity nearby.

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Journal Journal: The funny thing about Journal entries... 1 that they don't have the year attached to them. Maybe they've added it. I'm posting this to see. I got tired of seeing that my last journal entry was on Novemer 8th... what it didn't say was that it was like 2002 when I wrote that.

I wish that these entries maintained the links and formatting. I read a friend's journal with Thunderbird via RSS and it never has his line breaks or links.

Same goes for /.'s RSS feed. Maybe I'll see if they have fixed their feed too.

Nothing to see here... move along!


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Journal Journal: Yesterday I got my frist real posting on Slashdot! 1

After 10 tries, I got one in... I have now 8 rejected, and 1 pending. My 2 months pending anniversary is just a few days away.

I thought /. would enjoy seeing what happens to 50lbs of Silly Putty when dropped from 5 stories...

Oh well, the GNU/Hurd was good enough to post at least!

P.S. Disc and Disk can be used for Hard Disc.

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