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Comment Re:Good, but maybe not important (Score 0) 151

Exactly. When cleaning out my storage vault at work I ran across old DAT tapes, Ditto ZIP drive media, etc. If I dug around old boxes at home I'm sure I might stumble across an old magneto-optical media example or three. Reading media, even if pristine condition, without the proper methods...meh...

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 1) 86

Why would any web admin tool have open access from any public IP in the first place? I know that the way I handle things for what I host here I limit access to certain narrow IP subnets that cover where the regular admin users would be coming from. Then if someone cannot access the tool because they are temporarily coming in from a different IP range then I can add that on the fly. You figure that, combined with some mechanism for temporarily disabling login access after a set number of failed attempts in a set period of time, makes things at least a little more secured.

This is all outside of the PHP arena that I'm talking about, but the concepts should be similar, no?

Comment Re:Which is the scary part? (Score 1) 86

My biggest concern as someone who has a SF project out there (albeit decrepit), is what auditing/security measures does SF employ to screen their mirroring hosts? You'd think that there would at least be some high-level auditing performed to ensure that all of the open source code is somewhat secure...

Comment ..but wait...there's more!!! (Score 1) 343

Looking at their website, they also have the C64. And they even go further back in time. Reminiscent of my old VIC-20 I used to tape-load games on (only to have the tape be wrinkled and encounter load errors) they have the VIC. Although it looks suspiciously like the "reissued" Amiga they are trying to sell.

Lemme see...beta-status operating system. Check. Way overpriced hardware. Check. Free Linux distro. Check. Taking a brand name and using it as snake oil (much like Guns 'N Roses is doing now). Check. Where do I sign up????

Comment Coolness Factor? (Score 1) 144

What was the compelling reason for developing this? An overwhelming consumer need? Not really. It's not like folks are/were clamoring for something that's even smaller and easier to lose. Perhaps the reason was to claim a certain coolness factor in that it could be accomplished. Like making a teeny, tiny credit card that people could lose on a frequent basis.

Perhaps the smaller form factor lowers manufacturing, production, and distribution costs by 60% as well? Or having a different SIM card receptacle in devices would mandate consumers belly up to the bar. Those could be the only other justifications that I could see.

Comment Re:Former employee doesn't like old job? Fascinati (Score 3, Interesting) 447

Now, ex-Nokia exec Tomi Ahonen, is calling the Nokia's Windows Phone strategy 'a certain road to death.'

There are two layers of bias. The first is the tone of the submitter. Then there is a the second layer with the ex executive. All we need is a Netcraft meme thrown in for good measure...sigh...

Comment Ouch... (Score 1) 128

I tried to go to the March 2012 Microsoft Security Bulletin on their website and got a 404 Error. Guess they're updating it with new info? BTW I tested the sample Ruby code that was published and the BSOD worked like a champ on a couple of my older boxes here at work. Good thing I don't use RDP on any Internet-facing hosts. Only through a VPN...

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