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Comment Re:Don't buy a smart TV (Score 1) 161

How do you connect to the "cloud" without a network? Wi-fi is LAN, or are you assuming LAN is only ethernet?

i subscribe to optimum as my cable provider. Their optimum wifi hotspots extend into my home, and i suppose if i wanted to, i could forgo a lan, and use their infrastructure instead. I can't forsee myself doing that, but i wouldn't put it past someone who's less technically inclined.

...Nobody out there is going to give you a free cellular data plan...

7 years ago, i bought a kindle with a free cellular data plan. Amazon is still paying the freight on books that I purchase from them over that device.

Comment Re:Popcorn's ready... (Score 1) 528

The difference between the two is, Trump's tax returns reflect the taxes of a private citizen. (Which he was before he started running for office) Hillary's work related emails do not belong to her, they belong to the United States of America. Trump should show his tax returns, but if he does or doesn't has no legal bearing. Hillary's emails were subpoenaed. I have no problem with people being democrats, but if you support this woman, your willful blindness is dangerous.

Comment Re: In other news (Score 1) 609

There are exactly three possible paths a gov't employee can take if they decide to ever send a personal email while holding office: 1) All email, personal and official, sent on government account - no outside account. 2) all email, personal and official, sent on a private, non-government account - no government account. 3) All personal email sent on personal account, all official email sent on official account. Hillary could have gone with option 1, but I suspect she was afraid of filling up government email archives with her personal yoga workout routines. Condi Rice went this route. She could have gone with option 3, but as was witnessed when the Bush White House was found having email servers paid for by the GOP and used by GOP officials to conduct GOP business, the public had a hard time making sense of what they tried to do, and focused on the occasional misstep. No, Hillary went with option 2, and opened herself up to many, many problems. Answer this question - how do Chuck Schummer, Harry arris, and Nancy Pelosi conduct DEMOCRAT PARTY BUSINESS, on private email servers or on government servers? They, being law-abiding legislators I'm certain comply with the Hatch rule and conduct no party business in their offices or on official email accounts. Just like the Republicans did under Busg.

I'm pretty sure she didn't give a rats ass about her yoga routines clogging govt. archives. Hillary is not an idiot, she knew that by hosting her own server, she had control over what was released back to the state department, or anywhere for that matter. If you think she didn't think of this, you are way too trusting, and probably get ripped off a lot. The fact that she did this, shows she values transparency just as much as the Obama administration, and, she's not deserving of office. Hopefully better candidates will be available come 2016....

Comment Re: Dupe (Score 1) 840

Your time might be cheap. Mine is not. I'll gladly pay a specialist to deal with it for me, while I do my own specialization.

I hope you don't think that the local lube shop is staffed by specialists. I spent my high school years working in gas stations, and I can tell you that they're like hot dog factories. you really don't want to know what goes on there.

Comment Re:So when will the taxi drivers start protesting? (Score 1) 583

. ...When you violate those laws you become even more of a risk (in the vast majority of cases)....

vast majority? the vast majority of road users around here break one or more laws every time they get in a car, and a very small percentage of them are having accidents on a regular basis. so, even if they are becoming even more of a risk, it's at best a slightly incremental one.

Comment Re: 1940s technology, here today! (Score 1) 290

Why would younger people put a V8 in a car that was already available with a V8? The mustang could be purchased with a 260 from the get go. (later to be upgraded to a 289, then 302. etc. etc.) the birth of the "Muscle car" is generally attributed to John DeLorean, and his 1964 Pontiac GTO. The mustang was the first "Pony Car" to be followed by Chevrolet's Camaro.

Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 1) 649

... I guarantee you that those people running FAILED banks will never work again(except at McDonalds)....

They will get snapped up in a heartbeat. Failing is still experience. now they have a better idea of what NOT to do. Besides, the Banking/Wall St industry is so incestuous, everyone knows everyone, and their buddies over at one of the other big firms will get them a job.

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