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Comment Look at the language used by the reviewers. (Score 1) 272

I noticed this years ago, that If you look at the language used by the reviewers you can see that they are usually done by children and teenagers. The reviews usually happen during school months, and large blocks of them happen within a few days. It seems like teachers are having students review books online as part of a class project. Most of these books are required reading in many schools. The typical "This book was boring" post is common when you force today's kids with zero attention span to read something that doesn't' involved robots or anime.

Comment Re:Tis a sad day (Score 1) 651

How about we don't look at it in terms of dollars. How about we look at it in terms of resources and man power. $630,000 is about 10 man/years worth of work. So that's 10 people working for a whole year to save one man (truthfully it's a whole lot more than ten people working less than a year each but lets just break it down real simple). Now if these 10 people were used in another way in the medical system, how many lives could they have saved? When you stop looking at as simply dollars and put people and resources behind it you can't just say "save one life at any cost" anymore. Because the dollar amount and the resources that back it up are not infinite.

Comment Re:Mechwarrior II: The Trend Begins (Score 1) 112

Exactly what I was thinking when I read the article. I remember writing Activision back in the day (when I was 12) asking who composed the music and where I could buy the sound track. I did get a very dismissive response stating that there was no soundtrack and that they would not release any such information to me. Game designers have such great social skills.

Comment Re:Standard values not applicable here. (Score 1) 369

With the HUGE cost of the battery, would it not be prudent to install some sort of micro controller to monitor for and log any such situations? Bring the battery to the depot, automated system reads battery logs indicating that it has been sitting for X months, robot now sets it aside for further testing.

Comment Re:DIfference? (Score 1) 693

way to late for this (forgot about threat) but not, visible light will do it to ever heard of photosensitive dyes? the reason i said behind glass is that the glass will sheild from UV, i have had papers fade in my car even through the UV blocking layer on the glass quit posting as AC

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