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Comment Re:Tag: whatcouldpossiblygowrong (Score 2, Insightful) 143

I have FSHD (another mild form of muscular dystrophy). If this approach is ever applied to FSHD, I will try to be one of the first in line. To those of you who prefer that we die so that the your conception of the human race doesn't become weaker, I suggest your line of thinking presents a far greater risk to humanity than my genes.

Comment Re:One of the most widely used languages? (Score 1) 499

Our company is PCI compliant, which significantly restricts the hardware/software configurations we can use as well because of strict security requirements. We don't throw hardware at problems because hardware can't solve every problem. If you write code (whether it is C# or Transact-SQL or whatever) that uses shared resources (e.g., a database or cache) and aren't smart about it, no amount of hardware is going to help.

Journal Journal: "Ah don't feel no ways tired" 3

"Ah don't feel no ways tired"
- Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Selma, AL. 4 March 2007

Mrs. Clinton, are you trying to speak "Southern"? STOP IT! YOU HURT MY EARS WHEN YOU DO THAT!

Feed Bush Courts Brazil as Ethanol Pal (

Brazil's sugar cane provides the ethanol that fuels eight out of every 10 new Brazilian cars. Bush wants an alliance with the planet's undisputed renewable energy leader. By the Associated Press.

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