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Submission + - OLPC's trickle-down effect (

Diomidis Spinellis writes: "PCPRO runs a story regarding the $189 laptop that Asus revealed at the Computex 2007 trade show. The laptop, in common with the hardware of the one laptop per child initiative, uses solid state memory for storage and runs Linux. It weights 900g (2 lb) and measures 120 * 100 * 30mm (4.7 * 4 * 1.2"). I'm currently using an actual OLPC for localization work and experiments with educational applications, and I was dreaming being able to buy similar machines to use as cheap and cheerful terminals around the house. With Quanta having made a similar product announcement it seems that the Star Trek nirvana of a computer in every room can become an affordable reality."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Infosys goes for 'bonded-labour'! (

Infocison writes: IT outsourcing giant Infosys is having all its employees sign a non-compete clause which states that even after the employee quits the company, he/ she cannot work for any of Infosys' competitors. In fact, the clause allegedly lists by name the top five rival companies — TCS, Accenture, IBM , Cognizant and Wipro. click here for full story.

Submission + - What Could Be Done to Improve Open Source Apps?

An anonymous reader writes: Matt Hartley of outlines the flaws that currently prevent OSS apps from going mainstream. He gives his opinion and asks the community to chime in with our thoughts. He writes, "The single biggest thing that's working against Linux distributions, and even open source as a whole today is human nature pure and simple. End users are showing us their human side by jumping to conclusions rather than deciding whether or not something is worth supporting to make it better. For example, more often than not, we see a fantastic application full of possibilities dismissed by some end users because it lacks a certain level of perfection. In other cases, these are apps that in order to realize any level of functionality, they require some level of adoption before the closed source alternatives can be considered unnecessary.

Submission + - Critical Flaws With MS Exchange Alternatives

techie writes: reviews a number of MS Exchange alternatives and comes away unimpressed. Why? Because the open source alternatives are incompetent from a corporate standpoint. "What's interesting is that I remain interested in Scalix as an Exchange alternative, but not from Scalix Collaboration. It's a shame, too, as the website appears to have had a ton of time put into it, but it is reflective of why corporations need to have competent marketing firms working with them. It's like someone let the engineers out of the cubes to write their marketing plan. There are tons of reasons why this platform rocks with no seriously usable method of using it.

Submission + - Scientology harrassment attempt backfired badly

BertDeJong writes: Making a critical documentary about the cult of Scientology wasn't made easy for BBC Panorama's investigating journalist John Sweeney, as he was being follow-up, harrassed, and intimidated for days by one "Tommy" (wearing sunglasses and a black suit) of Scientology during his investigation. Sweeney lost it after a couple of days, and explained "Tommy" where they were at. Scientology taped the event, and decided it would be good message to enemies of Scientology so they put it on Youtube. But this badly backfired when Panorama viewing rates went through the roof in Britain. Scientology are now considering legal steps.

Submission + - ported to linux

An anonymous reader writes: "The port is not complete, but it works. Am releasing it to the public since so many people asked about it and volunteered to contribute to complete the port.
It is currently possible to startup Paint.NET and do some simple painting operations, but I have not ported all of my changes from the old 2.72 port to 3.0 so there are many things that do not work. I will post the old patch that I had here so that it can be used as a reference and to avoid duplicating work that was already done."
- Miguel de Icaza

Submission + - Simple chemical trick to boost battery efficiency

space_mongoose writes: Hitachi reckons that a simple chemical additive could significantly improve battery life. Alkaline batteries have a positive electrode of manganese oxide and a negative electrode of finely powdered zinc, but zinc oxide forms around these grains of zinc. Hitachi's solution is to replace the zinc with a fine powder of zinc-aluminium alloy, displaces the zinc within the zinc oxide layer making it a much better conductor.

Submission + - Paypal is now a bank

CC writes: "Paypal in Europe has changed. It used to be a UK company, but has now moved to Luxembourg, and is an entity regulated as a bank by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, the Luxembourg equivalent of the FSA. The FAQ on the subject hints at future bank-like services."

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