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Comment Re:Water utilization? (Score 1) 83

I've used BeerSmith for several years, and after a little bit of fine-tuning the parameters to match my equipment, I get very accurate water estimates. My last batch was as close as I can measure to 5 gallons in the fermentor, with no adjustment. It even has a 21 day free trial if you want to try it out. I've found it worthwhile.

Comment Re:Best way to stop cheat sheets... (Score 1) 439

I agree 100%. The best tests I had in college were the ones that weren't about memorizing. They were about knowing how to apply the material, formulas, ideas, etc. Once you get out of college and get a job, you'll be able to look up whatever you want in a book to help you do your job. But if you don't know what it means or how to apply it, it won't do you any good. Open book, open notes tests do a much better job of testing learning, instead of just testing memorization.


Submission + - Amazon announces DRM free music services

newt0311 writes: "Amazon just announced that it will launch a DRM free music service to compete with Apple iTunes. Story here [] along with many more details. Maybe, DRM really is pretty much dead..."
The Almighty Buck

Fake E-Mail Results in Angry Apple Shareholders 193

drhamad writes "Apple stock dropped 2.2% today in mid-afternoon trading as Engadget published news based on a faked e-mail inside Apple. 'Apparently an internal memo was sent to several Apple employees--and forwarded to Engadget--around 9am CT today saying that Apple issued a press release with the news that the iPhone was now scheduled for October, and Leopard was delayed until January. About an hour and a half after that e-mail went out, a second e-mail was sent--this time officially from Apple--saying the first e-mail was a fake, and that the delivery schedule for the iPhone and Leopard had not changed.'"

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