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Comment Re:Now let's fix the stupid laws.... (Score 1) 372

They have weird regulation in the US. I forgot my contact lenses at home, and wanted to buy some over the counter (as you can do in most of Europe/World). To my great surprise, I was told than in the US it was impossible to buy contact lenses without a prescription -> (me banging me head against a wall). Finished my US stays with glasses. On the other side, you can go to a supermarket and buy paracetamol that can kill you easily if you are not careful.

Comment Visa Waiver really? (Score 1) 121

ESTA: * Do you have to answer more personal question than to get a proper visa from China? check * Do you have to pay for it? Check * Do you have to provide you credit card number or paypal account? Check * Do you have to get it prior you travel? Check ESTA is not a visa waiver, this is a freaking visa process, it is just that it is fully automated (and should perform better than a human interview). Stop to make people believe that the visa waiver program exist anymore.

Comment Hey US mind your own business (Score 4, Insightful) 119

People in Switzerland start to be really annoyed by the US behavior. More and more people now consider the US as a big bully. No surprise that more and more people even in Switzerland start to see Russia and China as valid partners (Switzerland even signed a free trade agreement with China). A quick example, the US forced Switzerland to automatically provide information on bank account but at the same is refusing to do the same. Regarding IP laws, any change will be fought by the people and it is certain that it will trigger a referendum. I think that the US will keep Switzerland on their black list for a very long time. Now it is no more a question of IP laws, it is a matter to oppose direct change of Swiss laws by a country that is less and less see a valid ally.

Comment Re:Isn't the current mouse protection rule ... (Score 2) 207

It has been says in Dastar Corp. v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp that you cannot use trademark to restrict the usage of the public domain. Of course this won't prevent "clever" people to try to game the system by using trademark and creating lawsuit (like for Zorro, Tarzan, etc.)

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