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Journal greatcelerystalk's Journal: Wacky Moderation 2

It doesn't do any good to get terribly worked up about moderation on Slashdot, seeing as anyone with decent Karma is likely to be able to do it, and there's no accounting for the moderator's reading comprehensions, but I must admit to being a touch annoyed when a helpful comment (the first comment to mention the use of FlashBlock in this particular thread) is moderated down and redundant because numerous users said the same thing well after I did.
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Wacky Moderation

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  • But it is redundant -- not because others posted this after you did (you weren't even the first person to mention Flashblock in this thread), but because it's something (along with Adblock) that gets posted in every single thread about online advertising.

    Of course, by this criterium, most comments on Slashdot are redundant.

    • most comments on Slashdot are redundant.
      Slashdot is a wheel, spinning around and around, with the same stuff eventually coming back and getting repeated. The question is, who's steering?

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