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Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Start at the Start? Or at the Start?

Bootros writes: Like any father, my son recently uttered the word I had been so longing to hear, "Dad, can you take me to see Star Wars?". My heart melted, but I remebered my training and was soon guiding my young padawan towards the movie listings in the paper. The problem I have is: Do I start at A New Hope, as I began the journey, or do I start at The Phantom Menace? Will he pass through IV, V and VI over the years and then find I too childish, as many did, or does he have the opportunity to see I through VI as George (Lucas) intended the story to be told? I'd appreciate the help.

Submission + - enterprise anti spam control technologies

greak writes: I have recently joined a big corporate house as a systems manager ..and one of my immediate projects wud to be to implement spam control on our mail servers .. We have been testing Symantec messaging server ..but we are not really happy with the results .. One of other solutions we might be evaluating is the Baracuda spam firewall ( _overview.php) . We are looking for a solution for about 5000+ lotus notes users. What are fellow slasdotting administrators using ?

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