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Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score 1) 134

An affordable video card is totally capable of outputting 4k

So where are those sub-$100 Pascal-based videocards?

This is Intel Atom:
"Intel says its new chips can play 4K videos at 60 frames per second when theyâ(TM)re encoded at up to 250 Mbps bitrates. 1080p videos can play at up to 240 frames per second."

No need to buy a graphics card at all for 4K playback.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score 2, Informative) 134

The card is designed for data mining and neural network research; it's not for games or even remotely intended to be used for them.

"With the DNA of the worldâ(TM)s fastest supercomputer and the soul of NVIDIA® Keplerâ architecture, GeForce® GTX TITAN GPU is a revolution in PC gaming performance."

I admit I don't completely know who they focus on with the Titan cards.
10-11 Tflops single precision performance with this one.
317-343 Gflops double precision.
159-171 Gflops half precision (shouldn't that one be higher?)

The idea with the more professional card is to hit 5+ Tflops of couble precision performance?

I don't really know where the Titan cards fall between the consumer cards and the professional cards.
Once re-released as the GTX 1080Ti it will definitely be a gamers card.

I guess without further evidence saying "yes it is!" is just as good as saying "no it isn't!"

It's an expensive gaming card but those who want this performance now only have this option.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score 1) 134

An affordable video card is totally capable of outputting 4k or even 8k video with no problem.

Encoding that or playing video games or using it for totally unrelated things is a different story though.

As you're posting as AC maybe you don't even WANT an answer. And now when you will likely get multiple will that help educate you and reconsider? Not likely. Because it's not a card FOR YOU and that's all that matter for you. That doesn't mean it's useless for everyone else.

Of course people will buy this and can afford it.

A friend just bought a GTX 1080 and a 34" 21:9 100 Hz G-sync screen (and the rest of the computer including the much more expensive Samsung Pro 950 drive and he will likely end up having the HTC Vive or another VR product too), he can afford this. Do he need this? NEED? Guess no. But of course not being able to pull off 4K gaming is an issue for him and as such the plan have seemed to included two GTX 1080 though I think it's better with one card which mean that he actually "need" something BETTER than this. Maybe this get close to 60 FPS gaming on 4K though.

Comment Re:Heat? (Score 2) 134

but the cooling tower will be the size of a small house.

You do realize the actual cooler is on the picture in the article right?
And that it's part of the card which fit in some case (standards for graphics card lengths I'm unaware off, fit on a mini-ITX board a possible exception.)

A family of mice or small snakes or some small fishes I guess.

Comment Re:Judgment Day (Score 1) 134

Or better:

Now we just need to perfect time travel.

We don't even have any proof that it would even be possible to travel backwards in time!

My other post made it a "maybe" whereas this one is a "not as far as we know." I remember seeing something likely here on Slashdot which if true / suggested it wouldn't be possible. But maybe that's not proven either. Maybe it have to be perfect once in use but currently it's less about perfecting it and more about (not) being capable to do it at all.

Comment Re:Is that the "best" way to drop test a phone? (Score 1) 110

If you drop a phone face-first on a flat surface then the bezel will hit first and the force will be spread out across the entire bezel. If you drop a phone corner-first on a flat surface then all the force has to be distributed from that one corner, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of it went through the screen.

Well. Good for them their name isn't Cornering Gorilla Glass then now isn't it?

"Super shatter-proof glass 5, only breaks ever second-fourth time!" (Here I wanted to account for less precise falls ..)

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