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Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 48

Sweden have had a few winters now with positive Celsius around Christmas and new-year.

I leave that up to chance rather than immediate climate reaction but I'm in no way a disbeliever in what so many scientists think is a real thing. Why would I be? We know the trend and we know how humans affect it.

I don't complain about the mild winters (however if the gulf-stream was f*cked up and they would be gone then I'd complain ;D)

(Only negative is it may make the "refugees" more comfortable.)

Comment Re:Can you get cellular data under $20/yr? (Score 1) 303

I don't know.

I was the the Nordic University Computer Club Conference of 2002 where this guy from Swedish University NETworks talked about 10 mbps for everyone by fiber which was something he thought should be done. He estimated the cost to cover about the same amount of people as those covered by the electricity grid = "everyone" except if you do some very unique stuff would cost 50 billion SEK. Today that would be a bit above 5 billion dollar or on a population of 10 million bit below $500 / person. He meant the cost could be distributed over 20 years / the life-time of the fiber which pushes it down to $25 / year + interest (the interest rate on the national debt of Sweden today is about 0.3%.)

$25 / year is $2 / month. That's a cheap cost for getting everyone fiber connectivity.

As it work like in this municipality is that they have their own fibernetwork called "Stadsnät" which Kumla & Örebro runs together, if I wanted to be connected to that with my apartment it would cost 75 SEK / month or $8. What then happen is that you have like 10 service providers for that fiber network which offer different speeds and possibly other services such as telephone or TV too. Total cost including the fiber connectivity would be bit above $35 for 100 mbps.

Market-forces discussed Internet over the electricity grid and people in cities got mostly connectivity through cable-TV-networks and those in more rural areas got through DSL so fiber to everyone never happened and Telia is still running copper cables for telephones and the terrestrial TV network was upgraded for digital TV and a few more antennas was built and Sweden still haven't started with DAB.

In Sweden you can do quite a bit of communication with authorities over the Internet but for instance you can't vote yet. If they had built fiber to everyone for the cost of a bit above $2 / person and month they could had scrapped the telephone network, the TV antennas, and maybe FM and DAB too / let that be solved over cellular.

Cellular Internet connectivity seem to be capped at about 50 GB / month or so so it may not be great for a radio you're running the whole time.

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