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Comment Correction:What about AutoPlay? (Score 1) 340

That is what I gathered from the article. For instance, you pop your new software disc into the optic drive and are prompted with the installer. This will not happen, post update.

You pop in your external harddrive and are prompted with the installer for the manufacturers proprietary software... Parent was a bad example.

Comment Re:What about AutoPlay? (Score 1) 340

When I insert a USB stick, Windows XP opens an AutoPlay window asking me what action to take. If the autorun.inf file is found, the default choice in the AutoPlay window is to run whatever is in autorun.inf. What now? Does XP completely ignore autorun.inf with this update?

That is what I gathered from the article. For instance, you pop your new software disc into the optic drive and are prompted with the installer. This will not happen, post update. This loss of "functionality" also prevents certain attacks utilized by hackers and malware, think USB switchblades, Conficker, etc..., but also slightly decreases the usability that average users have grown used to.

Personally, I think this is a good call, provided there is a way to enable it. Features like Autoplay should, IMO, be disabled by default with an accessible option to enable it. I say that with a security mindset, mind you. My question is: Why only on XP and not Vista or 7?

Comment Re:I would recommend Connectbot on Android (Score 1) 359

I second this... If you have an Android phone and are technically inclined, chances are you already have it. You do not need a "real" Linux and root to use ssh. All you need is a terminal emulator and ssh client capabilities. ConnectBot (as well as others) has exactly that. With today's smartphones, there's an app (or 50) for everything, so that is a matter of preference.

All that is left is hardware. You don't need an uberninja-speed phone to open an ssh tunnel. Hell, my old G1 did this quite nicely. So you are left with the physical keyboard, as virtual keyboards really DO suck when used for too much more that a quck SMS or microblog post. As long as your physical keyboard is decent and you know how to use tha Alt/Fn keys, then you are good to go.

Comment Re:More features == More potential security holes (Score 3, Interesting) 234

That's not it at all...

The point that security researchers have been trying (for years) to get across to developers and companies alike is that ALL software/protocols/standards/whatever should be developed with security in mind from the beginning. Granted, even with secure coding practices and rigorous application security testing, there will always be some vulnerability that gets overlooked by the developer or discovered by an attacker. The thing is that most companies tend to put functionality and features far above security, which is IMHO a completely ass backward way of doing things when it comes to technology in general.

Comment Re:Epic (or not)? (Score 1) 238

King's got to be around to play himself, nay? With him being around 63, its hard to guarantee that he'll be around another 7 or so years to play his part in the films.

I don't think him getting to be 75 is terribly far fetched. Hard to guarantee, yes, but not impossible. Now, will he be coherent enough for cameos at 75? Tough to say.

By the rate that films are made and aired it could be another 12 years from now before we could see the final film.

Now THAT would keep it true to the books! Or perhaps more like 22 years?

Comment Epic (or not)? (Score 1) 238

While I must say that I am pretty stoked about this news, I must also say that, while I understand the point of using a TV series as a bridge between feature films, I am a little dissappointed with the decision to go this route. Call me old fashion, but wouldn't it be more epic to have like 6-9 full length films? There is more than enough material in the books for that and IMHO the film adaptations should not stray from the books like most others. This project should be as epic as the book series.

Comment Re:It's still looks pretty bad...but it's not. (Score 1) 246

The ONLY phone shipping the "Google Experience" (i.e. Android as intended, more or less) was the Nexus One, every other phone out there has some sort of skin FORCEFULLY installed on it (HTC Sense, MOTOBLUR, TouchWiz, etc).

Not true. The Samsung Moment, though laden with Sprint's 'unremovable system apps' (i.e. NASCAR, NFL, SprintTV, etc) and tweaked for CDMA/EVDO, has a plain vanilla Android ROM on it. It offers much the same Google experience as the G1/DevPhone1 did. The only UI difference between the Moment and the Nexus One is that the N1 has the Advanced Laucher and Live Wallpapers (which have been ported to the Moment by the excellent community of Android device hackers, since day one.)

Comment Re:What degree do you have? (Score 1) 474

School is great for your resume: but so is experience with fields that are growing and likely to remain in demand.


Seriously though, yes... Try to find what it is you love and learn about any emerging trends/tech/what-have-you revolving around or related to that, then learn as much as you can about it. I work in a small business, supporting about 100 users, so my role in IT is broad (from break-fix to Sysadmin). I feel your pain, but I am actively pursuing knowledge of information security and programming to an extensive degree, including pursuing my BS in Information Security (yes, I only have an AS, ATM.). My point is this: Stick with what you do, as it is a good foundation for what you want to do (IT support provides critical problem-solving and analysis skills) and further your education throughout it all. When you are comfortable in you knowledge of what it is you want to do and your skills revolving around that path, then you will have no problem jumping on you chosen profession. Remember: It may take time, often years, before you land a job that makes you enjoy waking up in the morning, but when you do all the past will be worth it.

Comment Re:Open fist... (Score 1) 152

Also - how does one 'pre-install' web based apps? I suppose you can have a special mobile client app, but all you need is a browser.

If you are referring to the Android Market and the apps as being web-based, that would not be true (well, the market is heavily 'web-reliant'. The apps are downloaded from the web and installed locally. Pre-installing an app is as easy as including it in the custom source build. And: w00t! More droids! MORE DROIDS! ...Seriously though, I think that I will stick with the custom/rooted builds, myself. :)

Comment Skewed views of the law (Score 5, Interesting) 457

Way to go, BBC. You have moved past bringing the populace breaking news stories to creating them! I am looking forward to the next headline, regarding this. I think we all agree that gaining unauthorized access to another computer is, not only unethical, but illegal. I am surprised, being that this article is on slashdot, now, that the BBC is not already feeling the ramifications of its actions. I highly doubt they asked everyone in those chat rooms: "Hi, we are from the BBC, we would like to pwn your computer in the name of exposing cyber security risks. Is this okay, with you? Great, Thanks!"

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