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Submission + - Sleeping Beauty BluRay requires acceptance of EULA (

gravis777 writes: "BoingBoing is reporting that Disney requires you to accept over 120 pages of agreements on the Sleeping Beauty BluRay. A link in the article states

Now we don't have a problem with BD-Live updates/downloads per say, but we do take issue with Disney requiring us to agree to a 57 PAGE EULA in order to access the BD-Live content. On top of that, you also have to agree to a 63 Page Privacy Policy in order to gain access to the BD-Live content.



Submission + - IOC trademarks line of Canadian National Anthem ( 3

gravis777 writes: "BoingBoing is reporting that the International Olympic Committee has trademarked a line from the Canadian National Anthem and is threatening to sue anyone who uses it. The line in question is "with glowing hearts". FTA:

The committee is so serious about protecting the Olympic brand it managed to get a landmark piece of legislation passed in the House of Commons last year that made using certain phrases related to the Games a violation of law. The list includes the number 2010 and the word "winter," phrases that normally couldn't be trademarked because they are so general.



Submission + - Adobe users claim file corruption after 10.5.3 upd (

gravis777 writes:
Users of Adobe's Creative Suite 3 software are complaining that files saved to network volumes are being corrupted, and have linked the problem to their recent update to Mac OS X 10.5.3 "Leopard."...... Adobe, for its part, told users a year and a half ago not to work on files stored over networks "because of potential file corruption." Adobe laid the blame squarely on Apple, saying that Apple had changed AppleShare components in the then-current Mac OS X 10.4.6 release.


Submission + - BluRay Disc sales Impacting DVD (

gravis777 writes: High-Def Digest is running a story stating that BluRay disc sales are finally impacting on the sales of DVDs. FTA: "Disney's Blu-ray chart-topper 'No Country for Old Men' drew 9.8 percent of its total unit sales from Blu-ray during its first five days in stores. Faring even better was Fox's 'Hitman,' which saw 12.6 percent of total customers taking home the Blu-ray version during its first five days.By comparison, high-def percentages during the height of the format war rarely topped 2 to 3 percent of a title's total disc sales. (Even 2007's biggest high-def seller, the HD DVD-only release of 'Transformers,' generated little more than 4 percent of its total unit sales from the next-gen version.)"

Submission + - Mystery image on Mars

gravis777 writes: The BBC is reporting on an image that NASA has released that has the internet abuzz that there may be life on Mars. FTA: An image of a mysterious shape on the surface of Mars, taken by Nasa spacecraft Spirit, has reignited the debate about life on the Red Planet. A magnified version of the picture, posted on the internet, appears to some to show what resembles a human form among a crop of rocks.

Submission + - HD format war seen dragging on

gravis777 writes: Reuters is reporting that most retailers are relucant to declair a winner in the HD format wars. FTA: "The high-definition DVD format war has not been won, at least not in the minds of the retailers. Last week, Time Warner Inc's (TWX.N: Quote, Profile, Research) Warner Bros studio said it would exclusively release high-definition DVDs in Blu-ray format instead of Toshiba Corp's (6502.T: Quote, Profile, Research) competing HD DVD technology. While the announcement was seen as tipping the balance of power in favor of the Blu-ray format, retailers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week did not see the announcement as a definitive sign of a clear winner. "I don't think we're in a position to go out and declare a winner," said Steve Eastman, Target Corp's (TGT.N: Quote, Profile, Research) vice president of consumer electronics, in an interview.

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