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Comment Re:And HSBC is a honest broker here (Score 1) 522

except if you were lucky enough to be in on the huge surge post 2008 and got out before the subsequent crash gold really doesn't have a good return at all. e.g. current prices are only 3 times what they were 3 decades ago. That is only around 4% return per annum, for such a long term investment that is mediocre at best. Gold is considered the safe, low risk.low return option

Comment depends on quality of inputs (Score 2) 214

Quality of prediction comes down to quality of the information fed into making the prediction. Given all information up front with good BA work up front and requirements and scope that don't change I can generally provide good predictions that are close or that even come in under budget for our projects (good predictions always have some buffer built in for staff and technical problems).

Comment Re: Irrelevant Studies (Score 1) 296

DNA percentage is not a way to determine quality or percentage of chicken. remember the subway one is a marinated chicken and that marinate is soy based so you would expect more soy than something that hasn't been marinated in a soy product. This doesn't say anything about which is the better quality product.

Comment Re:Thanks but no thanks. (Score 1) 60

No I don't think it is an elaborate idea to steal domains, but it is an obvious issue as you have zero protection from them doing this and you have no guarantee that even if the current owner is altruistic that some future owner or partner isn't. You are basically placing complete trust in a 3rd party to own and look after your property.

Comment Re:Still slower than iphone 7 (Score 1) 82

It is simple. you use real test cases. IPhone would probably win in a lot of them too, but the point is it would then be a real world test not some bullshit. e.g. how long to take photo, attach photo to an email and send it. How long to send an SMS respond to an SMS from the start screen, how long to look up a contact in your address book and phone person etc etc etc. those are real world tests.

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