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Comment Re:PGP (Score 1) 542

You know, Enigma itself isn't broken "as such" -- it is simply that the Germans (yes, I am one of them) used the Enigma incorrectly.

They repeated the message key (i.e. they encoded it twice) so Turing was able to host something similar to a plain-text attack. Considering the key-space was not that huge, and he had all the resources he needed, it got easy.

When the German Navy stopped encoding the message key twice, they resorted to stealing a code-book (one of the books with the master keys, you know, like a keyring these days).
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Turning cars into wireless network nodes

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Everyday, our cars are using more computing technology, primarily for safety reasons. So why not turning them into computer nodes of a mobile network? This is what UCLA engineers are working on. According to them, this would just need the relatively low-cost addition of sensors to the vehicle's roof and bumpers. They say their mobile ad-hoc networking platform (MANET) would allow 'moving vehicles within a range of 100 to 300 meters of each other to connect and create a network of cars.' Of course, not every driver would like to be part of this network because of privacy concerns. This is why 'the first mobile networks will be implemented in emergency response vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and hazardous materials response units.' But read more for additional details about these upcoming vehicular sensor networks (VSNs)."

Submission + - What are your hosting experiences?

gratemyl writes: Having gone through a long time trying to find a VPS host which satisfies my very own requirements (pptpd support) and spending some time looking for cluster computer (and supercomputer) access (paid, of course), I would like to know: what were your experiences with different hosts? What unusual hosting requirements did you have (incl. cluster computer access)?

I am from Germany, no CC, thus need to pay using PayPal — Amazon EC2 does not allow PayPal, and I am currently looking at Sun's

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