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Comment Re:Customers are routinely wrong (Score 1) 495

I was at a business seminar years ago (yeah I know...) where the presenter said the customer is not always right, but they are always the customer. I have often given a customer a better option than what they thought they wanted, but I treated them with respect and they trusted me.

In your first example, you got lucky, you treated a dick like a dick, and he respected you for it.

In your second example you did your customer a huge disservice and charged them double what you should have charged them if you had explained the situation better.

Part of being in business is finding out what a customer REALLY wants, not what they say they want... And no it is not always easy, and yes, sometimes you have to cave and let the customer learn the hard way...

Comment Re:Pixels density (Score 1) 160

Wrong. Raw has greater colour depth than jpg. Even the least compression of jpg is not able to handle the same level of manipulation as raw. shadows will be more noisy, gradients less smooth.
I agree that if you are just posting images on Facebook, there may be no advantage to shooting raw. If, however, you are printing large prints for display in a gallery, there is a huge difference between starting with 8-bit jpg and starting with a 14-bit raw.
Not to mention other advantages such as more accurate colour balance etc.
And you do calibrate your wide gamut monitor don't you?

Comment Re: Windows 10 (Score 1) 249

Reasons Windows will never succeed on the desktop:

1) Windows10 is being forced on users more aggressively than Linux. Nobody likes having changes like these forced on them.

2) The user interfaces like metro difficult to use and aesthetically awful.

3) Support for gaming is the only thing legacy windows is good for. This is largely due to lousy video drivers. Microsoft eschew open drivers that provide good performance in favor of inferior proprietary drivers. The manufacturers brand is placed ahead of the best interests of users.

4) Office software is inferior and incompatible with industry standard software like Open Office, Libre Office, etc. Interoperability is basically zero because any attempt to share documents between MS Office and Libreoffice will result in formatting errors.

5) The security of Windows cannot be trusted, as proved by the recent privacy issues.

6) Support is basically non-existant. Users are directed to mailing lists, where they are likely to be berated for their questions or sent to overpriced computer repair stores. There are no good places to get support without rude users insulting newbies.

7) There is no long-term support for software because projects are frequently abandoned or changed. This results in a massive amount of software that may perform critical tasks but is no longer updated.

8) Packages are confusing for users because functionality is duplicated across many packages. (e.g. home, business, pro versions) This is frequently because projects were marketed due to the greed of developers and their inability to coexist, which is typical of the entire Microsoft community.

9) Windows has tools that can only try to automatically repair a damaged system. When Windows fails, the user is left with a system that hangs at boot time or, worse yet, being left without a prompt.

10) Linux is specialized, leaving the users with many different distributions, one of which will work particularly well for your specific use case. Users of Windows are left without the ability of picking between distributions that support a subset of available software which are likely to fully meet the needs of a particular user.

11) As a bonus, telemetry in Linux is nowhere near as invasive as on Windows 10. Software packages such as Bug Buddy are not required by all distributions and will not automatically communicate telemetry data to developers. With Windows, because the packages are mandatory for users, they have no way to opt out of the telemetey, which can reveal private data to third parties.

Comment Re:Par for the course (Score 1) 407

I was in that boat when win8 rolled out. Since I use Photoshop and Lightroom a lot, I went for a Mac. I needed a new laptop anyway, so I bought a Macbook Pro.
No regrets...
Later I upgraded my desktop and went Hackintosh. A bit more work, but it runs the programs I want and isn't Windows.

Comment Re:luck (Score 1) 222

exactly, which is why, even if we could, we should not make non-indexed, or other darknet sites illegal. The sites that are illegal are already illegal. And for that matter, the illegal sites will just move to somewhere else, so declaring they are even more illegal will not change anything.

Comment Re:Not sure I understand this. (Score 4, Insightful) 435

This is what people do not get. This order is asking Apple to create a new operating system that can be loaded onto the phone as an update, but that has no security features so the FBI can look at the phone.
Whether this is even possible is debatable, however it will be expensive, both in terms of resources needed and in terms of harm of Apple's name.
I guess for some definition it is a PR stunt, because Apple does not want to destroy their image of having a good product.

Comment Re:So...anyone want to suggest replacements? (Score 1) 167

I didn't use Digikam for editing, but I am pretty sure it is non-destructive, at least for raw files. There is an option to keep changes in a sidecar file. I used Digikam mainly for asset management where it was much better than Picassa. Now I have moved to Lightroom mainly because Digikam sucks on OSX. If you are mainly processing jpgs,or even raw files there are tons of processors out there, many non-destructive at many levels of sophistication.

Comment Re:So...anyone want to suggest replacements? (Score 4, Interesting) 167

Lightroom is pretty good, and has a lot of other functionality, but Digicam is an awesome photo organizer. Works great in Linux, ok in Windows and kind of sucks on OSX.
PS. I am quite a serious photographer and have worked professionally in the past. Picassa was always a joke for anyone who took a lot of photos.

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