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Comment Re:World of Warcraft-- (Score 1) 421

I'll pick here to reply since most of you people have no clue what you're talking about... Yes, lots of games use BitTorrent to transmit updates, etc. They're not sending everyone to the cops who is using BitTorrent. They're sending people to the cops based on DMCA takedown notices. These notices give the date, time, "infringing file", IP address, port, and hash of the "infringing file". They're using this information to identify the person and send them on. No, I don't agree with what they're doing, but at least know what the hell you're talking about before you start bitching about "legal" p2p usage getting reported.

Comment What about Shibboleth? (Score 1) 128

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Shibboleth. Shib is pretty popular in the higher-ed space. There is a bit of a learning curve when first playing around with it, but once you get it up and going, it's very powerful. It does more than just your average SSO by providing federated authentication across organizations while maintaining user security. The project page is at

Comment Re:You're looking at it wrong. (Score 1) 750

How can I trust that that push-button ignition will still shut off the car? I know it's conceivable that even a key-start ignition might turn all ignition control over to an ECM, but who's done that?

Saturn and GM did, somewhat. I have a 2006 Saturn ION and you turn the key to the start position and it "automatically" cranks the engine from there.

I hadn't completely shut my door one night and the dome light nearly drained the battery. I turned the key to start and let it go just like normal. The "computer" kept cranking the engine until the car started.

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