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Submission + - Crunchpad relaunches minus Arrington (wired.com)

grapeape writes: "Bad juju for JooJoo? Fusion Garage has announced the relaunch of the CrunchPad under the name JooJoo. New tablet same as the old tablet only now featuring a $500 price tag. Pre-Orders will begin on December 11th, with shipping expected in 8-10 weeks.

“There are dreams and there are hallucinations,” says Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan, CEO and founder of Fusion Garage “Arrington’s dreams of $200-$300 are as real as his claims of IP ownership. Nothing worthwhile can be delivered at that price.”"

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - The End of Rebates?

grapeape writes: Smartmoney.com has an interesting article discussing the status of the mail-in-rebate. Several chains such as Office Max have completely eliminated rebates while other others like Staples and Microcenter have gone the internet route and simplified the rebate process with online submission and tracking. Just when things seemed to be improving, Rhode Island enacted a law which requires retailers give printed rebates upfront, leaving the store to do the paperwork for them. Connecticut is now working on a similar bill. How are manufactures likely to respond? Is this the end of the Mail-In-Rebate or just the beginning of a more consumer friendly version?

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