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Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 418

I should have clarified that statement with the qualifier: from the perspective of those INSIDE the simulation, that simulation did not exist before the program booted. The maximum speed at which a simulation can run is limited by the clock rate and other architectural constraints of the processor. There is a maximum speed at which the simulation can happen. This simulated speed or passage of time within the simulation as it appears to the entities within the simulation is entirely up to the programmer, but will be less then the maximum. The programmer of the simulation can often choose the hardware requirements as well.

Simulating a frictionless pool table without any parameters that those inside that simulation can change is still under the control of the programmer. It would indeed be a boring simulation.

As for the speed of light in our world, we know that it is a maximum limit, but nobody has any idea why that particular limit was chosen. That was a decision the programmer made and he never told us why He chose that particular speed we observe.

Comment Re:Nonsense question (Score 1) 418

Any revelation made by anyone, including the Creator of our simulation or any simulation, ultimately can only be BELIEVED or not. That is why God, the Creator of our simulation has revealed that we must come to him by FAITH alone. Whether you consider the universe to be independently real or whether it is a simulation ultimately tells you nothing about the purpose of your existence. Such a purpose can only be revealed to you, but if that is done, you can believe that revelation or refuse to believe it. In the Bible it is claimed that Jesus Christ is the Creator, the programmer of the simulation and he said, "I am the Truth, the Way and the Life..." Everyone can choose to believe that or not. It makes no difference whether you believe that this universe is indeed a simulation or whether it is independently and objectively real. Ultimately in this life, none of us can get away from faith or lack there of.

Comment Re:Nihilistic Philosophy (Score 1) 418

It is not necessary for our existence to be a lie. The existence of the Sims in SimCity is not a lie to them either. Their existence seems very real to them, just as real as our existence seems to us. Just like the creators of SimCity have a purpose for having created their simulation, why couldn't the Creator of our simulation not also have a purpose? In either case, that purpose could only be known if the Creator of the simulation decided to REVEAL that purpose. Anytime someone reveals something to you, the only choices you have is to either BELIEVE that revelation or not. That is why is the master programmer, God himself, has set the requirement of FAITH in order for the Sims(humans) to have a relationship with him and to learn the purpose for their existence.

Comment Re:Proof (Score 1) 418

What you are saying would only be true if the simulation is running in a computer of the kind we are familiar with. Those all require matter-energy to exist. All computers we know anything about are deterministic. If this simulation is running in a mind which exists out side of this simulation, then your objection would disappear. That great unfathomable mind is what we have labeled God.

Comment Re:How about as an Adult? (Score 1) 418

If the simulation is running in a physical computer, the kind we are familiar with, then there would be no self determination. If that simulation is running in a MIND which in turn simulates other minds, human minds, then those minds would not be deterministic either. Computers are deterministic, but minds are not.

Comment Re:Cognitive Dissonance (Score 1) 418

To the Sims in SimCity the programmer would always be "supernatural" because he/she is outside of the simulation. The Programmer of the simulation, that is the universe, is also outside of this universe. The owner of a fish aquarium resides outside of the aquarium, but can also interact with things inside the aquarium.

Comment Re: There is at least one big difference (Score 1) 418

Those multiple universes could be nothing more than multiple simulation programs running in the same processor. That processor or cannot consist of matter and energy, because those are part of our simulation. This simulation could be running in an all powerful mind. That mind has been labeled God. The Sims in SimCity cannot know anything about the programmer unless that programmer somehow included himself in the program. If he/she did, the only choice they would have is to is it believe him or not. That is also the only choice that we have and our simulation of this universe. God has revealed to us certain things about himself. Like any revelation, that can only be BELIEVED. That is why God tells us in the Bible that it is impossible to please him without faith.

Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 418

How does anybody know whether the world we observe is independently real or is nothing more than a sophisticated DIGITAL simulation running in the mind of God? All humans, including "scientists" ultimately have to BELIEVE or not what their senses and their extensions tell them about the universe. There is no way we can say for sure that what we think is "real" is in fact so. A sufficiently advanced Technology is indistinguishable from a miracle and a sufficiently detailed and sophisticated simulation this indistinguishable from "Reality".

The universe has characteristics of a digital simulation. For one thing, time, space, matter-energy each have a minimum quantity beyond which they cannot be divided. Our universe is quantized. It has a finite number of particles and a finite number of states. That means it is computable. All digital processing also occurs in bits that cannot be made smaller.

It appears that the Big Bang came from nothing. EVERY SIMULATION always starts from nothing whenever the simulation program starts running, Our universe has a speed limit. It is the speed of light. That is a fact, but nobody knows the reason why the speed of light is any particular speed and not arbitrarily faster or slower. EVERY SIMULATION also has a speed limit. It is the maximum rate of execution of the program. Life and the various lifeforms appeared suddenly. In EVERY SIMULATION new things come into being, where nothing like them existed before.

Werner Heisenberg, the originator of the quantum of uncertainty principle stated, "atoms or particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities, rather than one of things or facts.” (Physics and Philosophy page 160)

All we can do is to either BELIEVE or DISBELIEVE what the programmer of the simulation may have revealed, if anything. That is why God tells us in the Bible that it is impossible to please him without faith. EVERYONE has faith in something or someone.

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