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Comment Re:It runs pokemon red! (Score 2) 153

The audio issues lots of people here are experiencing is not actually due to the emulator running slow. It's because of bugs in the various browsers and the fact that browsers like google chrome and opera take more time blitting than running the CPU emulation in JS. I render all the gfx in JS, I only blit them at the end of each iteration via a canvas-wide putImageData. Yeah, chrome can't run it fullspeed when your window is maximized, but not for the reason you're thinking of (webkit is retarded and takes up a whole core to render even at 20 fps). The gameboy advance emulator that's still being coded does run slower, but dynarec is being worked on to fix that. GBA games can be dynarec'd because they don't require as much clock cycle accuracy as GBC games. The dynarec is still going to land afterwards once the interpreter is fully baked. And yes, scaling of the sprites and BGs is done in JS, not canvas, because canvas is believe it or not slower. Yeah, I'm calling out the sucky gfx performance in webkit alright. :/

Comment Author Here (Score 1) 153

My JavaScript gameboy color emulator is not related to the one the op has you believe was incompletely done months ago, that's imran's and it's still an incomplete one. The sound may sound bad, it's not my fault, it's actually your browser, since in some cases I need to fallback to flash outputting the audio due to a lack of a JavaScript API to drive the realtime audio. Try running it in firefox 4 for better audio. And for those saying this is another gameboy color emulator in JS, nope, you're just thinking of the incomplete and toy gameboy only ones on the Internet that only can run like 5 games ok, with everything else crashing.

Comment Author Here: (Score 1) 1

FYI: My gameboy color emulator is not related to imran's gameboy emulator. His is still incomplete while mine actually is already pretty much complete. If you look at the source code, they are completely different projects. And to those on twitter who are saying it's not open source, how about trying a 5 second google search: It's on github. :)

Submission + - A GameBoy Color emulator in JavaScript (

grantgalitz writes: Hey, I've created a GameBoy Color emulator in JavaScript with the use of some existing code, while writing a lot of it myself. It was ported from MeBoy and used some starting code from jsGB (A very incomplete GameBoy only emulator in javascript). It's been a WIP (work in progress) since late July, and I usually update it every few days. There's now sound support that's done for the most part, and colorization of B/W games that can be enabled in its settings. In order to get the best sound quality, I'd actually recommend using Firefox 4, since Firefox 4 supports a brand new audio api for writing samples directly in JavaScript. Anyhow, if anyone would like to help further code this project, you're always welcome. I'll put the code in on a repository soon enough.

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