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Submission + - Best way to counter Online Posts

gral writes: A friend of mine is the recipient of a rather ridiculous online smear campaign. They are taking half truths and posting things about him on Facebook and other locations. He has tried to get Facebook to remove the posts and they did, but the user simply took a screen shot of the post, and added it as an image on the site.

He has an online business and if people look him up, he doesn't want to have to explain these posts every time. Nor, does he want to lose business outright because they see these posts about him.

What are the options for getting these things taken care of? What is the most effective way to counter online slander?

Submission + - Linspire Signs Patent Deal with Microsoft

gral writes: "From the article, "Linspire will work with Novell and Microsoft to develop open-source "translators" that allow Open Office and Microsoft Office users to share documents more easily. The company has also licensed Microsoft's RT audio codec to make its Pidgin IM (instant messaging) client interoperable with Windows Live Messenger and other Microsoft products."

Does Linspire own Pidgin IM (formerly GAIM)? Why do these companies think this is a "Good" move?

PC World"

Submission + - Senators propose labels for adult Web Sites

gral writes: "From the article:

Operators of Web sites with racy content must label their sites and register in a national directory or be fined, according to a new U.S. Senate proposal that represents the latest effort among politicians to crack down on Internet sex.

No to a red light district on the web, but code embedded in a page to designate content, that's OK.

ZDnet Story"

Submission + - Microsoft Zune out for Christmas

gral writes: "From the article:

> Unveiling more details of the player, which it hopes will rival
> Apple's iPod, Microsoft said the Zune will come in three colours
> — black, white and brown.

Hmm, brown, I wonder what kind of panic THAT would have produced on the Plane.
BBC UK Article"

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