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Comment Re:"It's the content, stupid" (Score 3, Insightful) 450

But you should be comparing "Amazon Prime" and "Netflix" since they are both all-you-can eat streaming services.

I think you are comparing "Amazon Video" which is amazons premium pay-per-movie model with "Netflix" which is unfair. Are you suggesting that Netflix should offer the movies that Amazon offer for payment as inclusive in their all-you-can-eat plan or are you suggesting they introduce a mixed model where there are some premium movies on netflix?

Comment Re:"It's the content, stupid" (Score 2) 450

I'm not seeing that. In the top 20 films only one is available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime (Pulp Fiction) and then one is only netflix (Hoop Dreams) and one is only Amazon Prime (Apocalypse Now).

I suppose it's inevitable that Netflix will start offering premium content like Amazon, but once it's got a vast library that you can rent on a pay-per-movie basis their all-inclusive streaming selection will go from bad to worse.

Comment Re:Double Standard (Score 2) 765

Has anyone ever accomplished much of value in their two week period? It's rarely enough time to replace you, let alone give you any time to transition any worthwhile knowledge to them.

Usually it seems to mostly involve them groveling and offering more money, but I've never known anyone that said "you know what, that sounds great I'll just stay"

Comment Re:out of the ISP's hands - so what is the ISP for (Score 1) 184

That's the irony of the current situation. i'm in a city where there's municipal fiber going in, and consequently comcast beat them to the punch and have 2gig service available nearly everywhere. Now ever centurytel is realizing that they need fiber if they want to compete.

In theory by the end of this year I'll have three fiber choices, each offering at least 1 gig symmetric (and i actually spotted in a locate that AT&T have fiber less than 50' from my house so that's another potential option).

Of course people who live in areas with no competition get 5mbit dsl and they fucking like it.

Comment Re:And when we have no home no job no doctor (Score 1) 524

I think homelessness does need to be addressed at a national level. Our area has reasonable services for the homeless (as i understand it) but the fear is that if we provide further services then we'll essentially create more homeless people who come here because they can get a hot meal and a bed on a cold night.

If everywhere provided a similar standard then there wouldn't be the same incentive for people to migrate to areas of the country that take better care of them.

Comment Re:They should pay me if they want original conten (Score 4, Interesting) 326

I'm not necessarily sure if it's because there are more shares or just because there isn't as much original content.

Ultimately for me facebook has become a lot less useful as more people are on it. It used to be mostly my siblings, a few immediate friends and some of the more tech minded people i knew from work. That was great, I could ask a technical question there and have a discussion about it. Now if i post something like that the first response is usually "lulz i have no idea what you talking 'bout", so I don't bother with stuff like that. I use dropbox to share family photos with my immediate family since I don't want them to have distribution as wide as facebook. I know I *could* set up privacy rules to maintain that stuff better but I can't be bothered.

I strongly believe they are in a downward spiral and think it'll be hard to claw back from that. As the utility it provides to me drops, there's less incentive for me to provide value to them.

Comment Re:Why stay? (Score 1) 729

I do think it should be incumbent upon cities to make sure their employees can afford to live there.

I strongly feel the majority of teachers, firefighters and city employees should live in the city they serve. There's no way that san fran can't raise the tax revenue to make that happen and I strongly believe they should. (My own city is less extreme but has a lot of the same issues where the only teachers, I know of, who live in the city proper have partners with tech jobs)

Comment Re:Yeah, whatever ARM (Score 1) 90

Perhaps i'm showing my age here, but is anyone else floored that you can buy a battery powered device that can fit in your pocket that outperforms something like ASCI Red. Obviously it lacks the same memory and memory bandwidth but that's still astounding to me. Of course ASCI Red would now be 20 years old, so maybe not that surprising.

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