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Comment Robots cannot detect permission (Score 1) 311

Not only can robots not detect fair use, nor they cannot detect when the work is used with the permission of the copyright owner neither where the company running the robot does not own the copyright but is using it with permission nor where the work is being used with the permission of the robot's owners.

Comment Re:impossibru (Score 2) 436

Are you saying... the jury is not "of your peers"?

In this case yes. The definition of peer (From Oxford Dictionaries Online) - "A Person of the same age, status or ability as another specified person" As those involved in this trial are legal not natural persons, the 'age' part does not apply, for the 'status' to apply the jury would have to be legal, not natural persons and as to whether individuals people can have the same abilities as a corporation ...

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1095

That brings up my questions: 1) Which facility are people with Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) supposed to use? 2) Which facility are people born as hermaphrodites supposed to use?

According to the new law, the one appropriate to the gender which the Doctor assigned them to when they were born and which is written on their birth certificate.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter. (Score 3, Interesting) 259

Yet if her condition means that she has more then the permitted blood alcohol then her driving license should be revoked. If (at least in the UK) if you suffer from certain medical conditions, such as epilepsy, then you are automatically disqualified from driving. While, as she did know that she had this condition, she should not be charged with drunk driving, she should be banned from driving on medical grounds.

Comment Treat the same as bibliographic references (Score 4, Insightful) 220

The law should treat hyperlinks as being equivalent to bibliographical references and citations in printed works. After all, that is all a hyperlink is. That browsers automate the retrieval and display of the referenced work, rather than having to search the stacks or ask the librarian to fetch the book/journal, should not affect the status of the hyperlink. As for banning them, I personally think that most web pages do not take enough advantage of hyperlinks within the body of the pages.

Comment How do they detect a VPN? (Score 1) 174

Imagine a company were to set up a roadwarrior style VPN in their UK office (which for the sake of argument assume a TV licence) for their UK staff who are visiting abroad to access IPlayer from their hotels in the evening. How would the BBC be able to tell that those staff were accessing it via the VPN and not from computers directly connected to the office LAN?

Comment Will it be available to Joe Public? (Score 3, Insightful) 301

Most JPEGs are created by ordinary people, with their digital cameras and phones. So will Joe Public who has taken a photo be able to define the rights on the image? Will he be able change the rights depending on where he sends or stores the image? Or will it only be the media conglomerates who are able to manage the rights to their images?

Comment Re:Just one app (Score 2) 151

And I wish that updates to he build-in apps (not just those from Google) would be installed into the same partition as the built-in ones rather than taking up space (and why does almost every update have to be more memory hungry than the last?) in the user-installable app partition.

Comment Re:Seems simple enough to reverse this strategy (Score 4, Insightful) 224

Columbia claim that the works for which they send takedown notices violate the copyright in their new movie. As the works concerned were created and put online before the movie was created, then one of two things can be true. 1) The works do not violate the claimed copyright, or 2) If copyright has been violated, then it is the Columbia movie which violates the copyrights in the earlier work(s). In either case the takedown notices are invalid and abuse of process.

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