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Comment Why do they not match ads to intended audience? (Score 1) 301

Goog;le already know a lot about the people viewing videos, and presumably each advertiser has a desired demographic for the ad. So why do Google not match the two? Put adverts against the videos which are being viewed by the particular target audience of the advert. This should satisfy both the advertiser, whose ads are being seen by the target demographic, and viewers who will be seeing a greater proportion of relevant ads.

Comment They do not need detector vans (Score 2) 212

As iPlayer is a BBC product, why do they need detector vans to determine who is streaming it? It is coming from their servers, so the they know (or could know) the IP addresses to which iPlayer is streaming. In most cases this will be the router address of the ADSL, Cable or Fibre subscriber, from which the address could be determined. Even with a detector van, if someone is streaming via a WiFi hotspot, there will be no way they could tell if the users of the smartphones, tablets and laptops have licences at their home address (and the licence covers use outside the home by equipment powered by internal batteries). Similarly with anyone streaming via 3G/4G.

Comment Robots cannot detect permission (Score 1) 311

Not only can robots not detect fair use, nor they cannot detect when the work is used with the permission of the copyright owner neither where the company running the robot does not own the copyright but is using it with permission nor where the work is being used with the permission of the robot's owners.

Comment Re:impossibru (Score 2) 436

Are you saying... the jury is not "of your peers"?

In this case yes. The definition of peer (From Oxford Dictionaries Online) - "A Person of the same age, status or ability as another specified person" As those involved in this trial are legal not natural persons, the 'age' part does not apply, for the 'status' to apply the jury would have to be legal, not natural persons and as to whether individuals people can have the same abilities as a corporation ...

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1095

That brings up my questions: 1) Which facility are people with Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) supposed to use? 2) Which facility are people born as hermaphrodites supposed to use?

According to the new law, the one appropriate to the gender which the Doctor assigned them to when they were born and which is written on their birth certificate.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter. (Score 3, Interesting) 259

Yet if her condition means that she has more then the permitted blood alcohol then her driving license should be revoked. If (at least in the UK) if you suffer from certain medical conditions, such as epilepsy, then you are automatically disqualified from driving. While, as she did know that she had this condition, she should not be charged with drunk driving, she should be banned from driving on medical grounds.

Comment Treat the same as bibliographic references (Score 4, Insightful) 220

The law should treat hyperlinks as being equivalent to bibliographical references and citations in printed works. After all, that is all a hyperlink is. That browsers automate the retrieval and display of the referenced work, rather than having to search the stacks or ask the librarian to fetch the book/journal, should not affect the status of the hyperlink. As for banning them, I personally think that most web pages do not take enough advantage of hyperlinks within the body of the pages.

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