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Comment Re:Nope, you don't like it, but that means nothing (Score 1) 561


I just have refuted it because it is *not* evidence, it *is* simply supposition and innuendo."

> PROVE IT. It sure looks like evidence.

> No, it's an official police report that you can't refute, so you discount it. Sorry, that's evidence whether you like it or not.

No, dharbee, it is a quote that says "The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings."

Note that they *say* the material includes... prosecutors are *considering*... "they *say* some may..."

All of this is, at best, anecdotal and not proof at all. It is most certainly not an "official Police report".

Now if you can show me reports from the Italian Courts (or, indeed, any other courts) of any actual charges being laid or prosecutions being brought or, even better, *convictions* then your claims may have some merit.

Until then, however, they are still nothing more than supposition and innuendo.

And, again, I remind you of the Burden of Proof. It is *YOUR* assertion that snuff movies exist. I have to prove nothing. I certainly don't have to prove that he did not sell any, you only want to try to force me to do that because of the weakness of your arguments.

Your "declaring victory" and resorting to personal attacks in this and other threads simply confirms this.

(And, just for clarity, I'm not going to keep dealing with this in multiple threads, so I've included all my answers in this one. This is not "stifling debate", this is just to save me wasting my time.


Submission + - UK Announces Criminalisation of "Extreme Porn&

An anonymous reader writes: The UK Government has published plans to criminalise possession of "extreme pornography". The law would apply whether the images showed real or simulated violence, and would cover private images of acts between consenting partners. The law would also apply to screenshots taken from a legal film, if the screenshot was made for erotic purposes. The law forms part of the Criminal Justice and Immigration bill.

The bill has been promoted by groups such as mediawatch-uk. Backlash opposes the law. This bill follows from plans initially announced last August.

Submission + - UK to Criminalise Possession of "Extreme" 2

mdwh2 writes: The UK Government has published a bill which includes plans to criminalise possession of "extreme pornography". This would include fictional depictions of violence, and cover private images of S&M acts between consenting partners. Taking a screenshot from a legal film, if done for erotic purposes, could also fall under the law.

The bill has been promoted by groups such as mediawatch-uk. Backlash opposes the law. The plans were previously discussed on Slashdot when first announced.

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