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Comment Re:Middle Ages (Score 1) 140

I wouldn't call the absolute dictatorial rule of a hereditary autocrat a "weak central government" and I wouldn't call systematic pillage "low taxes", and setting people up in a life of privilege because they're born better than the common man is not a libertarian ideal. So yes, my original comment stands.

Comment Re:Hypertext fiction needs multiple authors (Score 1) 208

I don't really have any links on their process, but I have a friend who worked on Skyrim.

Broadly, different designers get to come up with their own ideas, and as a group they decide which to include. Once something is in, it sounded to me like a single writer/designer has a great deal of creative control over the particular quest lines they work on.

Comment Re:Then let's test these next (Score 1) 284

Oh yeah, I believe that. I've been in several car crashes over the years. That one was both the slowest and the only one I wasn't able to immediately walk away from.

Probably the worst was colliding with a rock wall in a Geo Metro nearly head on at about 45 mph. The car bounced back into the road, rolled a couple of times, and was completely totaled. But both me and driver were able to walk away.

Only injury was to the driver, which was cuts on his hand from punching through the windshield in anger over having just totaled his mom's new car.

I've never been able to understand people who don't wear their seat belt.

Comment Re:Then let's test these next (Score 2) 284

Even at 25 mph, a head on collision is not something that you just jump up and say "I'm fine", especially when you're not wearing your seat belt.

As a corroborating anecdote, I was once knocked unconscious riding in the back seat of car when it hit a telephone pole traveling ~30 mph, while wearing a seat belt.

I have never been involved in a head-on collision at any speed, nor would I like to be.

Comment Re:Tasteless (Score 1) 507

Businesses are supposed to benefit society. Sure, their (as in the people behind the businesses) individual motivations may be to profit, but that does not mean they can or should do whatever they want. Some things are clearly immoral and we should not tolerate it.

I agree, but I hope you're not suggesting that this is the immoral, intolerable thing that the people behind the Sony corporation are guilty of.

In poor taste? Very much so.

Immoral? Intolerable? Meh. Not so much.

Comment Re:Good luck getting Japan to listen (Score 3, Insightful) 313

One thing Mass Effect has going for it is that unlike in a Final Fantasy game, the player drives the cut scenes. The interactive conversations were really what did it for me. They finally managed to create a real role playing game on the computer (or xbox or whatever).

So many CRPGs seem to think "role playing" means "stat advancement", and ME (and even more ME2) threw that out the window in favor of defining who Shepard really was.

Comment Re:It isn't that complicated (Score 1) 517

Excuse me, but if that were true, people would mainly be pirating older things. And although lifetime + 70 years is absurd, it may take an artist/writer/musician/coder/whatever more than 20 years to build a career. Why should they all have to write off their initial investment?

Because the alternative is the system we have now.

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