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Comment Re:Why do you want to be hired? (Score 1) 523

I would agree, being on your own is either something that appeals to you or it doesn't. I think it is fairly self evident in that the the fear of being without a guaranteed paycheck or the discontent of having to do things someone else's way will tell you soon enough which side of the fence you belong. I've been a successful consultant for more than 15 years and wouldn't want it any other way. That being said I've certainly worked for plenty of companies throughout my career and it's not horrible if you can do what interests you and like who you work with. It's also a great way to gain further education and pay the bills while you gather enough customers on the side to be able to support yourself. You will need a portfolio of sorts to show to potential employers so get to building, display what you know and even learn as you go but there needs to be some tangible examples of your work.

Comment Re:smoke and mirrors (Score 1) 84

As an ex-VAR engineer who focused on Sun I can tell you we called Oracle the sales prevention dept. They changed the T's&C's to the point you were basically saying that if there is something wrong with an order it was your fault. State/Local gov had a very hard time with this. Also, as someone else mentioned they removed all support levels except for 24/7 Premium. If you decided not to buy support but wanted to get it a year or two later, say you decide to move a server from dev to prod, you have to back pay for support from the day the server was purchased! They also cut the product line substantially and did raise prices some but nothing outrageous, it was mainly the support that got you. I wouldn't say that most of our customers ran screaming from Sun hardware, we still sold a lot of it, but people are rethinking something they were quite comfortable not thinking about.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 251

Not sure about the link to intelligence but I think you could replace 'rodents' with just about anything in this quote, "Sexually active rodents also seemed less anxious than virgins, Princeton scientists discovered." And I don't think it takes a Princeton educated scientist to figure that one out!

Australian Women Fight Over "Geekgirl" Trademark 187

bennyboy64 writes "Two prominent women in the Australian IT industry are in a bitter dispute over the ownership of the trademark 'geekgirl.' A woman attempting to use 'geekgirl' on Twitter told ZDNet that women had been advised by the trademark owner to stop doing so since she owned the trademark for the word. 'She noted her trademark and asked me to stop calling myself a "geekgirl" in general conversation and to cease using the hashtag "#geekgirl" on Twitter,' IT consultant Kate Carruthers said."

"Argonaut" Octopus Sucks Air Into Shell As Ballast 72

audiovideodisco writes "Even among octopuses, the Argonaut must be one of the coolest. It gets its nickname — 'paper nautilus' — from the fragile shell the female assembles around herself after mating with the tiny male (whose tentacle/penis breaks off and remains in the female). For millennia, people have wondered what the shell was for; Aristotle thought the octopus used it as a boat and its tentacles as oars and sails. Now scientists who managed to study Argonauts in the wild confirm a different hypothesis: that the octopus sucks air into its shell and uses it for ballast as it weaves its way through the ocean like a tiny submarine. The researchers' beautiful video and photographs show just how the Argonaut pulls off this trick. The regular (non-paper) nautilus also uses its shell for ballast, but the distant relationship between it and all octopuses suggests this is a case of convergent evolution."

Comment Re:It's like bicycles... (Score 1) 349

Funny I think you'd have a hard time finding a more expensive bike than the ones they use in the Tour De France and I seem to recall a few hills in that race. Track bikes on the other hand have one gear and are not nearly as expensive. Granted, weight or the goal of reducing it is the basis for cost, your comment about lack of gears and being intended for flat ground is quite wrong. Modern road bikes have 20-30 gears to chooses from.

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