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Comment Don't have room. (Score 1) 304

I was looking at exercise options, and of course I considered getting a bike. But i realized that the main issue was that I didn't have any place to put it when i was not riding it. We don't have any extra room inside the apartment to store a bike, and there isn't any place outside the apartment where I could safely keep it.

Comment Some Calm discussion (hopefully) (Score 1) 814

Ok I'm going to start this off easy
1: Gender Identity is a SELF identity. People should not have a gender identity forced on them that is not the one they use.
2: There is more than just Male and Female. Other identities might include: Intersex, bi-gender, and a-gender. Transgender is not a gender identity in and of itself.

And on to the more technical points

3: When designing systems do not consider gender to be a fixed field for a person. And for that matter remember that names are not fixed either. Also keep in mind that a persons REAL name and their legal name might not be the same
4: In the parts of the system that allow for the update of other personal information, allow for name and gender to be changed.

and on the business process side

5: don't make the requirements for changing a gender marker too restrictive. And especially do NOT require proof of surgery before making a change.

And now I will state for the record that I AM transgender. Documentation changes are one of the biggest hurdles that we face. BTW slashdot will not allow for changing user names, i would like to keep my 5 digit it, but move away from my old masculine sounding username.

Comment how odd ... (Score 1) 326

When I was looking at photo management software, one of the primary features I wanted was that the original image NEVER be modified. From my point of view it is extremely important that no matter what I do, I should always be able to go back to the original jpeg or raw image captured by the camera. probably the best solution is to store the original image, store in a database all the metadata and modification data and an image file made by taking the original and applying all the changes.


Comment What make a bad battery (Score 2, Informative) 176

I use 4 AA NiMH batteries in my camera (a Canon S1). I have some 2500 mAh energizer batteries that I will not use in it and I have some 1800 mAh sanyo ones that I use regularly. Why? because of variances in the batteries and their self discharge rate.

When my wife wants to take a picture of the kids doing something cute we need the either the batteries in the camera to not be discharged, or for there to be a charged set of batteries ready to go.

So I bought a bunch of 2500mAh batteries thinking these would be a good thing. but they didn't seem to last as long when shooting and they were often discharged after sitting for a while. I found out a couple of things, the first is that after using these batteries for a while I would end up with one cell that was discharged more than the others. This was enough for the camera to say that I had low batteries. The other thing was that if I charged up a set of these batteries, a week later the wouldn't have enough charge to run the camera. These batteries had a very high self discharge rate.

So at the end of it, its no good to have high advertised capacity if its not going to be there you

I have had good luck with sanyo batteries. The new sanyo eneloops have a low enough self discharge rate that out of the package they have a usable charge

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