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Submission + - Facebook Censoring links to free e-books

gr8_phk writes: "Today Google is celebrating Charles Dickens birthday on their main page. You can download many of his works legally from Project Gutenberg since the copyrights have expired. However, you apparently can not post a link to Gutenberg on Facebook. If you try you'll be greeted with an error message which will go away if you remove the url from your post. Today is not the first time I've tried this. Is Facebook blocking links to the competition of places like Amazon? Why can I post a link to Amazon and not Gutenberg, and why does Facebook lie to me about it?"

Submission + - DX11 comming to Linux - but not Windows XP (phoronix.com)

gr8_phk writes: As reported over at Phoronix, the Direct X 11 API now has an open source implementation on top of Gallium3d which should ease porting of games to Linux with or without Wine. While still in its infancy, you can see where this is heading. All this while Microsoft hasn't offered DX11 for their own aging WindowsXP. Could it be that Linux may soon support this Microsoft API better than Microsoft itself?

Submission + - Nouveau makes it to mainline

gr8_phk writes: Over at Phoronix they have been covering a flurry of discussion over the last days regarding the nouveau driver for nVidia cards going into the 2.6.33 kernel. It looks like Linus got his way. So 2010 will see proper open source video drivers for Intel, AMD, and ATI out of the box. Hopefully 3D will be in good shape across the board as well. RIP nv. The discussion is quite entertaining — it's the first time I've seen Linus demand something so big be pushed into the kernel. Alan Cox's comments are funny as well.

Submission + - CAN ISPs help fight bot-spam?

gr8_phk writes: After hearing time and again how much spam comes from infected computers I keep having this thought: Infected customers of any large ISP are probably spamming other customers of the same ISP. Wouldn't it be helpful if they stored the email address of the sender (based on source IP which they issued via DHCP) and provide a way for the recipient to notify the ISP when they get SPAM? Then for sources with frequent spam reports, the ISP could send a message to the owner of the spam-bot and tell them to fix the problem. Could they also look for forged From addresses and do much the same thing without input from the recipient? Do either of these risk false positives? I've never heard of anyone getting an automated notification that they may have a problem. Does slashdot think this viable or useful?

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