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Comment This information has been around a long time. (Score 1) 1

I am not a financial expert; but I basically learned all this ages ago by listening to and podcasts.

Listen to This interview with Bud Burrell at

Or listen to episode 3 of the Deep Capture podcast, which explains what JIM CRAMER is talking about in Jon Stewart's clip.

Comment UK borders already extremely well-protected (Score 2, Interesting) 289

I am a US Citizen and my partner is English. A lot of people may not know this, but when you fly into the UK and you are not a citizen, you are subjected to extremely close scrutiny. You are required to provide proof of onward travel. Every time I go there now, I am very nervous because I may be accused of overstaying my visa -- not necessarily in UK, but elsewhere, like Europe -- anything that may cast doubt on my tourist status while in UK. True, my partner is English and we are not married, but I am basically unable to travel to UK at the moment, because I have more UK and Europe stamps in my passport than US stamps. I will have to legitimize residency in Europe by getting employed or marrying my partner, before I can ever travel into the UK again.

This further tightening of travel restrictions for the UK only portends darker days to come. I always imagine the UK to be a very friendly, open society. But there are some really shady 1984-style things happening in the government there.

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