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Comment tcpd top of the list - what a shock! (Score 1) 47

No surprise about tcpd (aka Wietse Venema's TCP wrapper utilities) which has not been updated since its last release in 1997.

It should just be removed from all Linux distributions just as Arch did in 2011:

Use something, anything else rather than this practically stone age software.

Comment Always very few commentors (Score 1) 94

I read h-online on a regular basis and will miss it. Always read the What's new in Kernel *.* features for example.

A give-away that the site didn't have high readership was the very low number of comments added to the articles - often none and sometimes might get as high 3 or 4.


Submission + - Ubuntu Touch Is More Android Than Ubuntu ( 2

sfcrazy writes: Canonical was gaga about their new tablet and phone OS. You keep hearining them taking about convergence,Qt and QML but two words you never heard was Android or CyanogenMod. It's discovered that 80% Ubuntu Touch is just Android or CyanogenMod. They are using the word done by CyanogenMod community to slap Ubuntu services on phone. Is this they way open source should be developed? Is Canonical breaking the ethics of free software?

Submission + - Buying Their Way Onto The NY Times Bestsellers List 4

Freshly Exhumed writes: An endorsement from Oprah Winfrey. A film deal from Steven Spielberg. A debut at the top of The New York Times bestsellers list. These are the things every author craves most, and while the first two require the favor of a benevolent God, the third can be had by anyone with the ability to write a check — a pretty big one to ResultSource, a San Diego-based marketing consultancy what Forbes says is essentially a laundering operation aimed at deceiving the book-buying public into believing a title is more in-demand than it is. Soren Kaplan, a business consultant and speaker, hired ResultSource to promote his book “Leapfrogging.” Responding to the WSJ article on his website, Kaplan breaks out the economics of making the list.“It’s no wonder few people in the industry want to talk about bestseller campaigns,” he writes “Put bluntly, they allow people with enough money, contacts, and know-how to buy their way onto bestseller lists.”

Submission + - Firefox Will Soon Block Third-Party Cookies (

An anonymous reader writes: Stanford researcher Jonathan Mayer has contributed a Firefox patch that will block third-party cookies by default. It's now on track to land in version 22. Kudos to Mozilla for protecting their users and being so open to community submissions. The initial response from the online advertising industry is unsurprisingly hostile and blustering, calling the move 'a nuclear first strike.'

Submission + - The PunkSPIDER Project Controversy ( 1

punk2176 writes: "Recently I started a free and open source project known as the PunkSPIDER project and presented it at ShmooCon 2013. If you haven't heard of it, it's at heart, a project with the goal of pushing for improved global website security. In order to do this we built a Hadoop distributed computing cluster along with a website vulneraility scanner that can use the cluster. Once we finished that we open sourced the code to our scanner and unleashed it on the Internet. The results of our scans are provided to the public for free in an easy-to-use search engine. The results so far aren't pretty.

In short after having found tons of vulnerabilities, we've been blowing up. Social media users either love or hate us. Critics have been claiming that the results of our scans can be used for evil by script kiddies. We argue that these results will, more importantly, be used by website owners to check the security of their own websites or website users to check the security of sites to which they entrust their sensitive data. Due to the controversy around the project The Register asked us for our response and published an article about it. I'm curious to see what the Slashdot community thinks — do you think we are doing the right thing?"

Comment Better networking hardware (Score 1) 522

Since I am in the minority choosing better networking hardware I will post for a change.

I went from using a couple of 8 port unmanaged gigabit switches on my home network to one 24 port gigabit smart switch (an HP Procurve 1810G-24). I thought of buying Cisco but they want silly money for their 24 gigabit switches. I don't have 24 boxes but many of my machines have multiple NICs.

The real advantage for me is creating vlans - I do a lot of stuff with virtualisation using KVM and LXC and using vlans gives so much flexibilty when creating virtual machines.

I was thinking about this over the weekend and realised that that switch has had a significant impact on the way I work at home. Far more than any graphics card or hard disk. Though if I could be bothered voting a second time I would go for "some other option" and say that my multiple monitor setup has been a great move.

Comment What if they didn't develop the tech? (Score 0) 1015

Why do we assume that the dangerous aliens developed the tech?

What if instead the galaxy is full of intelligent species and an advanced ethical species spread its technology to less ethical intelligent species without consideration of what would be done with that tech? What if that less ethical or more primitive species simply stole the tech?

Think of our own history where advanced European tech such as guns was rapidly absorbed by hunter-gatherer tribes. They couldn't make them but they could use them.

Imagine what we might do if tomorrow we obtained a fleet of FTL ships. Would we act ethically or go hunting for other planets to colonise? With certainty some of us would go marauding.


Opting Out Increases Spam? 481

J. L. Tympanum writes "I used to ignore spam but recently I have been using the opt-out feature. Now I get more spam than ever, especially of the Nigerian scam (and related) types. The latter has gone from almost none to several a day. Was I a fool for opting out? Is my email address being harvested when I opt out? Has anybody had similar experience?"
The Internet

Submission + - The Pirate Bay About To Relaunch 3

kungfujesus writes: The Pirate Bay crew has been working on this secret project for quite some time now. Back in April they wrote a cryptic post on their blog announcing that something was coming. In a response to this announcement TPB admin Brokep told TorrentFreak: "The past, the present and the future. It's all the same, but one thing's for sure, we will radiate for weeks", today it became clear that he was referring to the resurrection of Suprnova. Article Here

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