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Comment Re:I'm not quite sure how you're supposed to do it (Score 1) 179

The problem is that almost no one actually needs to run a public resolver.

Your ISP provides a DNS server to you that is recursive (usually), so they can use ACLs to make sure only their clients are using them.

Domain owners provide DNS servers that are authoritative, but only for their own domain, so it limits the scope of the problem as well.

The problem is when domain owners provide DNS servers authoritative for their domain, but -also- allowing other people to use them as public recursive servers. There's usually no reason for this other than the server administrator's competence.

There are legit uses for open recursors, you mention Google DNS and OpenDNS as an example. These guys have to use rate limiting and defeat the attacks themselves, there's no easy solution.

Comment Re:In version 20 Firefox will have built-in Emacs! (Score 1) 288

Firefox has had bugs worth mentioning since the beginning, and remote exploits are fairly common. Some bugs are more than 5 years old - critical bugs even! Take a look at their cutesy Bugzilla bug tracker if you don't believe me.

No need to act like a complete idiot.

What I mean is that I haven't had Firefox crashes, profile corruption, bookmarks being lost, badly rendered pages, etc. You know, bugs. I had problems occasionally before, I haven't had them since FF4. When I get a bug, I file a bug report. It's not hard. I haven't had to do it for the past 14 versions, so that makes it hard to agree with someone who thinks the product is unusable and bug filled.

I'm not saying there are no bugs in Firefox because that's nonsense. I'm surprised even someone like you could think that.

so go down for a nap, have a puddin pop, and get happy!

Why not do that yourself, you're getting riled up for no reason. Go fat yourself up and sleep over it.

You're really taking this way too seriously if you think anyone is white knighting here.

Comment Re:In version 20 Firefox will have built-in Emacs! (Score 1) 288

It's not so much as a "release cycle" as it is a "oh we got a compile that is somewhat stable, here you go you ignorant hapless uninformed beta testers."

I've quite honestly have had no bugs worth mentioning since about FF4, so I'm sorry I can't change your sentiment on that. I hope you file bug reports though, however long it takes for them to be fixed.

Plus there's no reason for you to be such a cock-sucker. Did somebody take a shit in your corn flakes this morning? Mommy didn't let you have one more puddin pop?

It gets tiring, obviously I don't get literally angry at this. I'm sorry if mommy still feeds you but that's not my case.

Comment They couldn't wait (Score 1, Funny) 79

'When we were planning this degree, our advisers from the commercial space industry said they couldn't wait to hire our graduates.'"

So the course wasn't even fully designed yet, not a single fucking graduate has yet to come out of that university, and they ALREADY want them working on projects headed to one of the most hostile environment we're aware of?

What a bunch of clowns.

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