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Comment Re:I don't want (Score 1) 403

"Eliminating a pirate doesn't mean you are transforming him into a customer. It almost never happen." They are helping their paying customers, by making it harder for shops running illegal software to compete with those of us that pay. Eventually CS6 will be obsolete, and I'll be running the latest versions, with capabilities pirates won't have. Right now I'm on a level playing field with the pirates, and they can offer services for less because they aren't paying for their tools.

Comment Re:Not to mention... (Score 1) 455

There is no warehouse storing valuable computer parts that isn't somewhat heated. Below 50 degrees F the sticker labeling on the box starts to peel off. Nobody is storing computer parts at -20. Do you know how brittle circuit boards get at those temperatures? Your anecdote about your 4 laptops in your car for the past month is very amusing, especially since you're offering it as proof to counter the parents very valid and documented claims.

Comment Re:Adobe is a monopoly (Score 1) 658

You are spreading FUD. If your other graphics program can export a TIFF file at the right size & resolution, and the quality of your artwork is up to standards, it doesn't matter what program you used. If your art is the quality needed for the job, you'll never get in trouble for your methods to create it.

Comment Re:Piracy (Score 1) 658

It's now going to be $10 a month for just Photoshop (or just Illustrator). As a life-long PS user who started off using a pirated copy when I was a kid who now uses it professionally, I would have paid $10 a month to explore my hobby/passion. I spent way more than that on those old build-a-radio kits from Radio Shack. Or pencils for drawing.

Comment Re:I love it... (Score 1) 658

It's not all about features. There have been many improvements that make the program run faster. Photoshop CS6 on my dual quad-core PC is a lot faster than Photoshop CS5 was on the same PC. When you can process documents and apply effects at a much greater speed, who cares about some new feature that lets you remove camera shake? The main feature of new Adobe software is speed.

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