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Comment Re:Useless and biased study (Score 1) 434

Sorry, unless you are blasting your hands with water as fast as this air dryer how do you even suppose to pretend that your hands are being cleaned to such a degree that the air dryer will not pull off more bacteria/dirt/other microbes than hand-washing.. never mind that most people dont wash their hands very well to begin with or the possibility that the soap has run out from the dispenser.

Then I will challenge you on how you think water and soap will kill a virus or even kill 100% of microbes that are susceptible to soap destroying their cellular membrane.

The bottom line is that Dyson invented a good hand dryer which is also much more effective at sharing disease with your follow bathroom compatriots. Sneeze into the thing while its on and share your cold with everyone around you.


Comment Re:A new useful feature... (Score 2, Interesting) 578

I have long felt that as the end user that is forced to consume the advertisement content we should be getting paid for the time and brainpower needed to do so. At the very least it eats the bandwidth we are paying for. Perhaps this train of thought could lead to some interesting legislation.

Anyway, can't wait for the OS to hang like a web page because its waiting for the servers to send advertisement data. Can't wait for adblock and noscript for windows 10 operating system.


Comment Absurdity Abound (Score 1) 391

She states in her meandering conjecture that we don't know what or how a superintelligent life form would think.

Then through some leap in logic we get to the conclusion that it would be a dominant life form. Now to be fair I did not read the entire chapter and grabbed this conclusion from the summary. And on this forum we all know how accurate summaries generally are..

Lets state our assumptions.


Comment Re:gtfo (Score 1, Interesting) 724

misogyny: hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women

This is not a problem. I'll let you think about how a person (man or woman) can develop this feeling. Keep in mind it is a feeling, whether rational, irrational or otherwise it is nothing more than a feeling. .. BUT lets sound the alarms! One group of people doesn't like another. We need to control how they think because they might act. Run for the hills!!

In the glory gays of gaming you could swear and taunt and not have to worry about getting arrested for homophobia, racism, anti-semitism, misogyny etc. None of it is was meant maliciously and it should be considered playful banter. People who feel personally attacked by these taunts need to remove themselves from a voluntary community, find another community where they feel more comfortable, or realize the lack of motivation to actually cause harm - these are usually emotional outbursts caused by stressful situations (like getting pwned).

Let's get on the control how everybody thinks bandwagon. Here's some food for thought: Can you vocalize an opinion without offending anyone? Let's just end all communication now and protect fragile egos from the world.

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