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Submission + - What bacame obsolete in JEE/J2EE over the decade.

Mustansar Mehmood writes: It has been a decade since Java language has been in the lime light. It has solved my enterprise problems since then and made a lot of money for many companies. A large number of books have been written on Java language and technologies built of top of Java, including many new languages. By most measurements Java is the most popular language among application programmers based on production code as well as projects in development. There may be a little element of speculation in above statements, however Java is not is more than a language. Some analysts suggest JVM will outlive Java language or vice versa. A lot of changes have happened since release of Java. Multi-core processors abundance of RAM, dreams of SAO and path to cloud nine where cloud computing seems to reside. High cholesterol EJB's are being replaced by spring salad. Boilerplate code of JDBC is hibernating in the ponds of ORM. Changes are not limited to the java language, but also the whole ecosystem of enterprise computing. It took me a long while to understand JEE paradigm and by the time I got the hang of it, it was changed a lot. So many technologies have gone obsolete and new ones have appeared. I am convinced that there is a need to offer a new fresh look at Enterprise Java and free ourselves from the clutter of obsolete technologies to take advantage of the new features which are for the most part improved over the last decade. Since JEE 6 is right around the corner, Servlet 3.0 specification will be offering asynchronous processing out of the box and rendering many presentation layer technologies obsolete. I would like to ask my fellow Slashdotters to point out which technologies have been replaced by new ones in Enterprise Java so new comers in the Java programming world can ignore them for new projects.

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