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Comment Re:Good luck with that. (Score 1) 558

I wish Google Wallet were that simple. My usual Rite Aid experience has been:

- Pull phone out of pocket.
- Unlock phone.
- Tap phone to NFC reader.
- Unlock Google Wallet.
- Due to poor cell signal in store, app takes a long time to connect.
- Transaction doesn't go through.
- Put phone back in pocket.
- Pull wallet out of pocket.
- Pay with a credit card anyway.

And that was before this week.


Patent Filed for Underwater GPS 236

Matthew Sparkes writes "GPS doesn't work underwater, as the signal cannot reach the satellite from a submersible, but researchers have now patented an add-on to the system that could provide GPS navigation for submarines. A base station is tethered to the sea bed at a known depth and GPS location. A submersible anywhere in the area sends out a sonar pulse to which the base station replies with a signal, giving a GPS position and depth as well as the bearing angle from which the submersible's request arrived. The submersible then uses its own depth, which is easily measured, plus the round trip pulse time and the bearing angle sent by the base, to calculate its own position."

Animation Tool Puts You in the Game 110

Matthew Sparkes writes "A new technique could take a simple body scan and allow a user to upload it and use it as an avatar or game character. Previously an animator would have to create a skeleton inside the model and describe movement capabilities manually. In tests, an inexperienced user could produce the animations in less than 15 minutes."

How Exclusive Will Exclusive Games Be? 58

Gamasutra's regular 'Analyze This' column (which gets answers to topical questions from industry analysts) today ponders the exclusivity of next-gen games. With the costs of developing a AAA title ever on the rise, the article seeks out the answer to whether truly exclusive titles (games that are only released on one platform) are a thing of the past. "I feel title exclusivity for [third-party] developers is less important then title differentiation. All three consoles have strengths, and I would advise [developers] to clearly develop with the console in mind, and I would stress differentiation within their titles. This clearly poses a problem for smaller, more financially strapped developers who don't have the budget to develop what is in essence three separate games. - Ben Bajarin, Creative Strategies"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - HOWTO: Upgrade your PSP to Firmware 3.10 OE-A'

LHN writes: Learn how to upgrade your PSP to Dark_Alex's latest firmware 3.10 OE-A' using this simple tutorial. Its fairly easy, and should be easy to complete for everyone without bricking their PSP.
Portables (Games)

Submission + - Development Walkthrough for Cell Phones

elhaf writes: "This post gives a complete walkthrough for getting started in Java cell phone development for your Sony Ericsson non-smartphone cell, on the Cingular network. It gives troubleshooting tips and a concise step-by-step guide to getting started developing for these phones. The SDK includes a cell-phone emulator that runs on the PC which is cool, so you don't even need the actual phone to get started. There's a picture of the emulator running at the top of the article."

Submission + - Truth in Video Game Rating Act Reintroduced

njkid1 writes: "The "Truth in Video Game Rating Act" was reintroduced today in the U.S. Senate. This move was spearheaded by Senator Sam Brownback who originally authored the bill in September 2006. The act would require the ESRB to assess all of a game's content before issuing a rating, rather than relying upon demonstrations provided by the developers and publishers. It would also prohibit the witholding of playable content from the ESRB. http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/news/?id=15248&n cid=AOLGAM000500000000014"

Submission + - Gmail Opens Registration To Everyone

magicchex writes: Gmail now allows anyone to register, without an invite or a cell phone number. The last three people without an account can now sign up, but what will this mean for Gmail spammers? Will we see an influx of Gmail-originating spam?
Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission + - Win a DS Lite by playing Games!

Jruball writes: "You can win a DS Lite or a nice watch by playing games like solitaire, blocks and other puzzle games. Post the most average or above scores over a week period and get your choice of prize! First and second place players get a prize. The last contest only had a few entries so winning should be easy, but you need to subscribe to compete(its cheap). I honestly wish I could play, because I would win it easily, but they don't let me. The man is keeping me down. Also, they made me hunt one of these darn things down and I had to get up early on a sunday morning and beat an old lady with a stick to get it. So make my work worth it, please check it out! http://www.gameland.com/ We're going to try to give away a Wii next month, but I'll probably have to sell my soul to get my hands on one. I doubt anyone would buy this ugly old soul anyway."

Submission + - Nintendo's Everybody Votes Channel

njkid1 writes: "Today, Nintendo revealed the latest channel to be added to the Wii Menu. Called the "Everybody Votes Channel," the basic function of it allows those interested to vote in various polls. Up to six people per Wii can register a Mii and vote, seeing how their opinion compares to this of the nation. http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/news/?id=15246&n cid=AOLGAM000500000000014"

VeriChip Implants 222 People With RFID 306

cnet-declan writes "Anyone remember VeriChip, a company that came up with the idea of implanting chips in humans for tracking them? They've been behind ideas like RFID tagging immigrant and guest workers at the border, and they've persuaded a former Bush Health Secretary to get himself chipped. In this CNET News.com article, we offer an update on how successful the idea has been. It turns out that, according to IPO documents, 222 people have been implanted, with sales revenue of $100,000."

Yahoo Music Chief Comes Out Against DRM 304

waired writes "It seem that a trend has begun in the music industry after Steve Jobs essay. Now a senior Yahoo chief has spoken out in favor of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' call for major labels to abandon digital rights technology (DRM). It points out that consumers are getting confused and that the Microsoft DRM "doesn't work half the time"."

Google News Found Guilty of Copyright Violation 223

schmiddy writes "A court in Brussels, Belgium, has just found Google guilty of violating copyright law with its Google News aggregator. According to the ruling, Google News' links and brief summaries of news sources violates copyright law. Google will be forced to pay $32,600 for each day it displayed the links of the plaintiffs. Although Google plans to appeal, this ruling could have chilling effects on fair use rights on the web in the rest of Europe as well if other countries follow suit."

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