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Comment Re:Coloured license plates to ID drivers (Score 1) 307

An average one-way commute time for people in the US is 26 minutes (over an average distance of 16 miles). That is about 37 miles an hour. If we could get everyone to drive an average of 60 miles an hour the average commute would drop by 10 minutes. That is not very much and I am skeptical that much of an increase in average speed is even doable.

Comment Re:Progress (Score 2) 129

They play hi definition movies, take high def movies, stream live tv, give you real time driving directions beamed with coordinates down from outer fucking space, allow you to talk to people from across the world or in outer space, receive messages in text from anywhere (even outer space) when you are almost anywhere (even space), transcribe the voice messages people leave you into text you can sort of read if they speak clearly, translate spoken words and phrases into and from languages you don't speak, store 32 GB of data on a swappable chip the size of your pinky nail, identify any constellation in the heavens just by pointing the fricking thing at the star up in the sky, identify any song you are currently hearing just by letting your phone listen too... or in other words, nothing.

FFS, you read like a Neo Luddite and you need to stop.

Just. Stop.

Comment Re:almost tempted to buy some shares (Score 2) 424

Because I had to reboot my WinMo phones at least once a day. Every one of them. I started many years ago with the original XDA and quit WinMo after my Tytn II. Over the years I had 5 different WinMo phones and each one was a slow buggy piece of junk.

Today I go weeks without ever shutting my Android phone off. That is why WinMo was garbage.

Comment Re:Grow Ops in Marin? (Score 1) 494

There will never be a crime ring to break into houses on information gathered through hacked meter data. They could much more easily drive around neighborhoods in the early evening looking for houses with lights off and no car in the driveway. Or even easier you could just break into a house around 10:30 AM when the occupants are at work.

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