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Comment Re:Kerry vs. Bush (Score 0, Redundant) 416

Don't bother. Read the comments here, supposedly enlightened geeks seriously compare Putin's administration with stalinism, which is both hilarious - because the claim is so deliciously absurd - and scary - because people seem to swallow media spin hook, line and sinker.

The irony of people, who mindlessly regurgitate media spin as the absolute truth without question and cry about death of democracy in my country, return to monarchy or some shit is staggering.

Oh, and my personal favourite here was a guy, who posted anonymously about his precious wifey hating on Putin, because otherwise scary KGB would come and inject him with polonium or something. Obviously, our security service has nothing better to do than track down idiotic astroturfers on a nerd blog in USA. And yet, the sheep follow - just take a look at the followup comments.

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